Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Veritas Conspiracy…

A bitch spent yesterday at an awesome training in Jefferson City!

You know a training is good when even the tax law segment is interesting as hell.


Anyhoo, I returned home to some interesting veritas about a certain James O'Keefe and his friends and a break-in and some phone bugging.

Off topic – Reports say O'Keefe said "Veritas" as he left jail having posted bail. Gawd, this man is priceless! Did James O’Keefe go to Harvard or does he just like the sound of the word veritas?

I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand what it means.


Yeah, um…so, a certain James O’Keeffe of the heavy on the conservative funding but light on the actual veritas O’Keefes has allegedly demonstrated that he skipped history class when they covered Watergate by allegedly (wink) participating in a cheap ass wanna be Watergate style break-and-bug operation at the office of Senator Landrieu.

And get this, he taped himself doing it!

Lawd, have mercy.

The allegation – according to an FBI affidavit, James “Vertitas” O'Keefe recorded two other suspects with his cell phone as they walked into the office dressed like telephone repairman (he does like his costumes, doesn’t he?) and said they needed to fix problems with the phone system.

That ain’t veritas.

‘Tisn’t even veritasish!

ABC News reports… "A federal law enforcement official said one of the suspects was picked up in a car a couple of blocks away with a listening device that could pick up transmissions. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the information was not part of an FBI affidavit that described the circumstances of the case.”

A bitch is dying to know if they were dressed up like pimps and taping themselves getting their G. Gordon Liddy on in that car too.

The alleged veritas conspirators – James “Veritas” O’Keefe (known tool who entrapped ACORN employees in a taped sting and has been dining out on a pimp...since), Stan Dai (a DC based conservative operative with lots of "connections" listed in his multiple biographies) and Robert Flanagan, son of William Flanagan who is the acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana.

The veritas – if this is a political "prank" then Watergate was a field trip gone wrong and if these allegations result in convictions these fools are looking at 10 years in jail.

Blink again.

Veritas can set you free…

…or it can send your happy ass to jail.

Just ask G. Gordon Liddy!


Oh, and someone needs to tell these assholes that Harvard wants their motto back…


Leota2 said...

Veritus huh?
I would just love it if Mr. O'Keefe and his right wing
dress up posse would just keep screaming that as they are led off to federal prison. But the realist in me knows that they will get slaps on the hand.
--You know," nice boys with just too many high spirits", bullshit.
Of course if we got the boys some deep tans and some other than Christian credentials they might spend 100 years doing hard time at club fed.

Tim Fenton said...

Over here in the UK, no-one has yet picked up on this story ... not even The Guardian!

I've put a post on my blog about it:

Perhaps some day we will see the original video footage from O'Keefe's "sting" videos? Maybe not.

Unknown said...

Douche nozzles of the highest order!!!!

Hope they all look good in prison orange. The DOJ better prosecute these asshats to the max.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot that I want to say about this...but I can't stop laughing...
If you are a politician or even a regular Joe or Jane with a small time community org, especially Black--you are tapped. I have a youth group in a small southern town and my phone is tapped and has been for years.
I called the phone company and a woman said, "Yes Maam, yore phone is tapped."
Punch and cookies, anyone?

Sandra said...

"...Robert Flanagan, son of William Flanagan who is the acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana."

Let's just call this one now, so when it happens we won't be surprised. We'll be surprised IF they get indicted and if they DO get prosecuted. And stroke out if they get convicted.

Does anyone really think they daddy's boy and his cohorts will be prosecuted? Or maybe, cohorts will be prosecuted cause Jr. cops a plea and testifies against them. Wiretapping is usually prosecuted as a federal crime, though most states do have laws on it too. So just who will do the deed, a fellow US Attorney from another LA district? How will this go over on the serious conflicts on interest I see coming from 2 states away. It will get pleaded down to some bullshit charge that carries a min. sentence of probation and 100 hrs of community service. When (notice I don't say if) this happen, we can only hope the probation officers have serious irony veins and pick out for the community services places that are polar opposite of Mssrs. Flannagan, et al. I'll let ya'll work out the fitting places for them, though I seriously doubt they'd learn a damn thing while there, except how to better fake it. Oh, and not get caught next time.

Sandra said...

Oh, about the sorta beagles- most dogs get a lot more food (and toy) territorial when they hit the geriatric stage. I have a 16 yr old full beagle and also a 10 yr old boxer/?? somethin' mix. I had to start feeding them 4 feet apart. I have a small table between them, so there is no accidental drift over to another's bowl. Solved the problem. Hope this helps you.

Croc de Boucher said...

Well, in the last century, opposition people in African dictatures were happy to be tapped : it showed that the dictator was listening to his subjects demands, and that their opinion would last, event if they died.
I therefore suspect that their recording operations on their cell pho,ne was to prove they increased dialog between different opinions....

Shark-Fu said...

Yeah, right. You keep on thinking that.

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