Friday, January 08, 2010

It’s Friday, y’all!

A bitch happy to see Friday this week.

I’m cold as hell and the weather people promise that my ass is going to remain cold until next week. Who the hell would have thought a bitch would eagerly anticipate the warmth of 30-degree weather?


Anyhoo, I’m not going to fuss too much since several readers from Edmonton have contacted a bitch with tales of -17 degree drama.


Y’all be careful up there, you hear?

Layer your Canadian selves up and make sure your dawg companions are safe and warm.


Lawd, I can’t imagine the sorta-beagles dealing with -17 degree drama!

Shit, I have a hard time getting them to go outside and so their bitness in this 10-degree Missouri deep freeze coldness…they’d revolt if we lived in Edmonton.


Oh well, its Friday and that means the weekend and that means sleeping in and napping in my couch-based area with sorta-beagles smuggled about me.

Happy, happy, happy and joy times three!

Stay warm, y’all…

…and drive safe, because there are some ig’nant motherfuckers out there.

Which brings me to the home training fail of the week – motherfuckers who drive like they have lost their damn minds even though the roads are iced over.

A bitch was driving to work yesterday…carefully allowing Ms. Sister Girl Cabrio to go slow since she doesn’t weight that much and tends to fly across ice-based surfaces. The asshole behind me, who was driving a Ford F-150, took the opportunity to ride the ass of Ms. Sister Girl Cabrio through my neighborhood streets. For a moment I thought that maybe we’d somehow gotten stuck together, he was driving so close to me! Finally, the asshole swerved in front of me and gunned it…only to spin and spin and spin until his Ford F-150 finally came to rest in the middle of the road facing the wrong way.


Ford F-150 Man was fine… he got out of his truck and glared at it as if it had done him wrong instead of the other way around (yeah, he was that kind of asshole).

Gawd save me from fools who commit public displays of poor home training as they try to recreate truck commercials in the middle of a snowstorm!


Be safe out there…


Colonel de Guerlass said...

Cold by 30 degrees? I suppose they are Fahrenheits ( European, when they go to the USA ang get ill, are very upset and fear to boil if they hear they are 100 degrees)...

Shark-Fu said...

LOL! Yes, they are fahrenheit.

harmfulguy said...

Is there some particular reason why St. Louisans have no long-term memory whatsoever when it comes to driving in inclement weather? I wasn't about to set foot outside yesterday, not until STL-folk figure out what the white stuff which they've never seen before falling out of the sky is.

Shark-Fu said...

Ain't that the damn truth. I had to go out and about but I knew there would be fools on the road. Trifling!

Jen said...

It's 10 degrees ABOVE zero in STL? Lucky!

We've finally worked our way above zero with our temperature, but the wind chill out here in KC still has us at -11°F.

-17°C (what it was in Edmonton) is still 8°F. It's a serious problem when MISSOURI is colder than ALBERTA. For chrissake.

I'm stoked for Monday, when our wind chill factor should calm down enough put us above zero again.

Shark-Fu said...

Good point Jen on the conversion tip!


Layers, damn it.


Miss Trudy said...

Keep warm, Shark Fu. I am glad I have to work at a computer, at home. Cold here too, in the low 40s, but with no central heating where I am at. Only small heaters, boiling tea and soup, and lotsa sweaters!

Unknown said...

Even though it gets like this every year here in Eastern Ontario, we still have drivers who act absolutely clueless the minute the frozen stuff starts falling each year. Either they're paralyzed or they overdrive their vehicles for the conditions. Perhaps the worst of all are those with automatic trannies who don't understand how and when to use L1 and L2.

We try just not to go out when the weather is bad. We have a freezer -- it helps.

Anonymous said...

Jesus tap-dancing Christ, I didn't know it could get that cold down there! It's 18 in Michigan. Yes, at 1:00 in the morning.

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