Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Audacity of Getting Shit Done…

Shall we?

Last night, President Obama gave a long and detailed State of the Union address in front of the people who are part of shaping the state of this union…and yes, that includes all of us.

Obama spoke about job creation and health care and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and a lot more.

Republicans responded by saying that Obama is trying to do too much…which a bitch thinks is a rather telling response, given that they could have said he shouldn’t be trying to do this or that. Instead, the GOP is almost conceding the point that all that shit needs to get done…they just don’t think it can get done at the same time.


The full text of Obama’s State of the Union can be found here.

Anyhoo, here’s my take on Obama’s first year…musically.

He started out with Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours…won the election to the tune of A Change is Gonna Come…began his presidency with Can You Feel It? by the Jackson Five..quickly found himself confronted with liberal singing I Hate Myself for Loving You, conservatives shouting Reba's You Lie (off key, but loud as a motherfucker)…and then independents started to singing D-I-V-O-R-C-E, so Obama ended last week feeling the hell out of Viva la Vida.

Now, Obama is back with I Will Survive and trying to work toward some All Fired Up from Pat Benatar.

Meanwhile the GOP is anticipating the joy of playing Mozart’s Requiem.

The masses are trying to turn the volume down on all of it.

The state of the union is that the union needs to experience and participate in the audacity of getting shit done and getting it done right.

We, the people, need jobs…and health care reform is not separate from that no matter what some GOP politician who lusts for a 2010 revival says.

We, the people, need to be educated and trained to tackle the new jobs we need…and those jobs will require the economy to get over the plague and part of getting over the plague is reforming health care.

All this shit is connected, damn it.

I get that…I wish the GOP would get it too so they could be part of the solution and offer some suggestions instead of being a party capable only of critique yet incapable of generating a viable proposal of their own.

Yeah, I get the connectitude…and I sincerely hope the Democrats get it too, because not only is all this policy shit connected to our recovery but it is also connected to many a Democrat’s political future.

I get it…and I understand that we the people have a role in it too. We need to hold folks accountable and that's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a bunch of tea party fuss festivals or group sessions of liberal disgust.

We need to get shit done and do it right…or we’ll all be hearing that damn Viva la Vida song on a non-stop loop for the next three years while suffering the consequences of not doing a damn thing for fear of doing anything.

The state of the union is that we are paused at a crossroads…whether we turn left or right remains to be seen.

Maybe we won't turn at all.



Unknown said...

I watched it and I thought a lot about what he has already promised and what he has gotten done.

It's only been a year I keep telling myself, give him more time.

The Congress critters however are nothing but carpetbagging bastards..regardless of party affiliation. At least most of them are. I can count on one hand the congress critters I trust..sad ain't it?

Miss Trudy said...

Okay. I have to admit that I was elated when he won. I agree that Mr. Obama's administration is still better than the alternative. But I must admit that I am very disappointed by the way this administration keeps lurching towards making deals that benefit big business to the detriment of the rest. Not much change there, the way I see it. And supporting/confirming Bernanke? In what alternative universe? Moreover, 7 new military bases in Colombia, beefing up Afghanistan, while cutting down on spending at home? I know the cant that "compromises must be made, yada yada" but sorry, not buying it. The health care bill was pared down to something that basically benefits corporations. I think we have big problems laying in wait ahead and me, I feel increasingly despondent and with energies flagging. Sorry.

Suzanne said...

that sound track was magnificent

thank you

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up you stupid fucking nigger i hate all you fucking monkeyes!!!!!!!go back to the jungle or put on some fucking chains so we can auction you off

Shark-Fu said...

Thanks so much Anonymous for reminding me why I blog...that there are still people out there like you who are so bloody insecure of your won worth that you seek power by attempting to deny others...and of the history you'd like to see repeated.

I usually reject these...but this one's gonna stay up for the world to see what Anonymouses think of me.

I, on the other hand, know that I will never be silenced...ain't going anywhere because I'm a fucking American...and will never be owned by anyone or any thing.

Oh, and I'm also the very definition of fantabulous!

Now get thee gone Anonymous...the stench of hate is intolerable!

Unknown said...

The soundtrack was brilliant. Been away from your blog for a while and this completely reminds me why it is essential reading.

As for Anonymous, what a coward. Knows that her/his "views" are not socially acceptable (or defensible), and has so little intelligence that s/he can only express her/his disgusting hatred with a string of nonsensical, hateful b.s under the veil of "Anonymous." Pathetic.
I understand your reasons for not deleting that reminder of the hatred and ignorance still in our society but you are a better woman than I. Cuz that mofo would have gotten a big, ole *delete*.

Miss Trudy said...

Oh Lord, and the ubiquitous Anonymous doesn't even realize that he/she (it?) sounds like a bratty 12-year-old probably because it IS a bratty 12-year-old ... or a serious case of arrested development. (sigh!)

Unknown said...

Ain't it just the case that we are fucked already. There's no news or press left in this country, just coverage of politics as if it was a horse race without any consequences. I'm with you on your analysis, but the vested interests OWN the process and we aren't going to get anything until we start hitting the streets. I had hoped Obama was going to go FDR, but he seems stuck on Hoover. How bad does this have to get before we realize that health care, global warming, energy dependence and insane international interventionism are all intertwined. Thanks for the soundtrack, that was great. One smile for the day!

S said...

I was at first infuriated by the applause after every other sentence; i found it hypocritical coming from a Congress that refuses to work together on anything. So i have to admit, i took great pleasure in watching the president tear into them for just that reason. I mean, he didn't get elected emperor. He can't do this shit on his own; our system of checks and balances kind of precludes that. Sadly, i fear that he's just not a big enough asshole to bully people into doing what he wants. I'm no historian, though -- Any historical cases of a president who got his agenda passed without being an asshole?

I guess my mom was onto something when she warned me against hanging out with too many lesbians; i just found this blog and seem to have caught the woman-love.

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