Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are you there George?

Update #2

George sorta calls George Will out (click for link to sorta call out).



We still need to talk.

Update #1

Never fucking mind, George.

Just read that this was your last show.

Way to end on a low, son!


Are you there George?

It’s me, Shark-Fu!

You don’t know me, but I’ve followed your career and political happenings since 1992 (loved you in The War Room, by the way).

Anyhoo, I watched The Week today and…well, we need to talk.

George, why oh why did you let George Will get away with saying that Senator Reid was preaching an inarguable truth when he went on about the benefits of President Obama being a "light-skinned" candidate with no “negro dialect”?


I know that y’all have time limits for segments, but the only person on your all white panel who challenged Will was Liz fucking Cheney.

Jesus H. Christ, George!

Was there a glitch in the Matrix?

Liz fucking Cheney was the lone voice of outrage…and the only reason she went after Will on that rancid opinion was to make some freakish case that liberals may talk about black people that way in private but Cheney Republicans don’t.

Did you tune out or something...start thinking about football and missed that shit entirely?

What the hell does that say about your moderation skills when you let that shit slide?

And why the fuck can’t the Sunday chat shows recruit diverse round table participants?

I’m not talking about having a woman of color on every once and a while.

Women of color aren’t part-time or once a month members of society…and there are tons of political thinkers out there representing the full political spectrum that you could get on the show, not just Donna Brazile.

George, I need you to do better.

Meet the Press has gone to shit, but I feel that This Week may be save-able.

So, this bitch is asking you…yeah you, George…to look at your line up from today's show and ask yourself if it is even slightly representative of America or capable of generating a discussion that reflects the variety of views held by members of our diverse society?

And then I want you to look at the moderator in the mirror and make that change!


Call me, honey bun.

We’ll talk.


Breathless said...

Shit. there's a conflict of opinions between two of my favorite bloggers. I'm confused.

Shark-Fu said...


That's the beauty of opinions, isn't it.

But I like the word fauxrage. I'm gonna have to remember that one for later...

My advice - come to your own conclusions. Someone somewhere will disagree and dismiss your outrage while doing it...but that's just the way of it, isn't it?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I wanna laugh, but it's just too fucking pitiful. These are people (like George and his hair) who ought to know something.

Valkyrie607 said...

I don't know how you have the patience to watch those shows. They just make me too stabby.

This is one of those moments where we get to be reminded that racism is more than burning crosses and beating up people of color. It's the across-the-board assumption that someone who speaks non-standard English can't be respected and powerful, and that's just the way it is and we won't question that. Harry Reid isn't a malicious sort of racist, just an ignorant, accidental sort of racist.

Somebody pointed out that only someone who spends zero time around black people would hesitate to use the word "black" and instead substitute some sort of awkward, possibly offensive nomenclature, like "African American" or "Negro" or "person of color." Reid doesn't know, he's not current, he's just speaking out of ignorance. But that very ignorance, that isolation from the lives of people of color, is an indication of the racism that's embedded in our society. As a Senator, he shouldn't be that out of touch. Even if he is from Nevada.

kmh said...

The panel is VERY white. It is sad when Liz Cheney is the one (sort of) calling it like it is...and then there is this -
sometimes I am embarrassed to be white...

CuzDerek said...

I'm sorry but I have to disagree. At face value Will was right. Reid didn't say anything that wasn't true and by standing his ground he was trying to make a point. Those on the far left would want to believe that Obama won the election on his merits as the best candidate (which in my opinion he was) but in reality he won for precisely the reason Reid stated. Light skinned, non-negro dialect and let's throw in there white momma while we're at it. For those folks on the fence these were the points that got them on the other side. Obama was the perfect storm or should I say, the perfect psuedo black man. Now was Reid's delivery a step backward in time? Sure, but the message is the same. Would we feel better if instead he said, "...he speaks so well?" as I've heard so many of my Caucasian friends say (I am a Black man btw and registered as an Independent because I don't believe any party can manifest all of my views). That's just politically correct talk for "he doesn't speak with a Negro dialect" and that's exactly how I take it when I hear it said and quite frankly I hear it said about me from time to time.

So let's take a step off our political high horse for a moment. We always complain about nobody wanting to discuss race but when someone does we get all hot and bothered about it. I think non-Blacks are probably more offended by what Reid said than Black folks are because they recognize their own hidden and repressed prejudices in his speech. Notice how quickly Blacks have come to Reid's defense. We get it. We deal with it everyday so take a deep breath, get over it and relax.

Anonymous said...

I am totally confused by CuzDerek's comments. As a black person, I think that Reid's comments were incredibly offensive. What I don't understand is why comments made two years ago are just being talked about now. I know they were brought up when he said it but why are they being raised again? That is the only thing that seems really odd to me.

Obama being in the White House makes many people even more insane than Clinton being in there. He is seen as an outsider. But he is also seen as the good negro. These are manifestations in the minds of people who have a very narrow opinion of blacks. It is near impossible for them to believe that a black person can be a lawyer, president, smart, or well spoken. Though they don't really know any black people they know the ones the media lets them see, the ones who fit the stereotype that so many people want to keep alive.

So if black folks aren't upset about this, then there really is a problem. I don't care if it happens everyday and we experience it everyday, it is a problem. Because when officials go to vote to disperse the dollars they do so thinking why should I help those people. When they vote to allow toxic companies that pollute into poor neighborhoods, or refuse to help people they do so with many unfounded beliefs in their heads. Even though the reality that many folks who are poor and need help are white, they only think the poor are black or hispanic and refuse to help.

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