Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The reckoning…

Confession – a bitch got so caught up in the Blues v. Coyotes hockey game that my ass missed watching the State of all things Unified live.


Shit, we’re trying to make the playoffs here!

And we won...go Blues!

Anyhoo, thank the gods for TiVo.

Read the full transcript of President Obama’s speech here.

Shall we?

Pondering the reckoning…

Last night President Obama said that “the day of reckoning has arrived.” And that got this bitch pondering.

A certain Nancy Goldstein recently wrote a piece for Salon’s Broadsheet on why the economy is a feminist issue and a bitch couldn’t agree more. I realized that I’ve avoided writing about fubar economics because it is a daunting topic that inevitably brings out “experts” who adore debating the hell out of it while ignoring any exploration of the impact or arriving at any solutions to the problem.

But Nancy G. has inspired a bitch!

The economy and the policy changes being debated and passed into law are our issue. Many of us have been reckoning with fubar economics for years…and we must watch and provide oversight lest this rebuilding ignore our communities the way the bullish boom ignored the hell out of us back in the day.

See, there is a tolerance at play here…and a bitch isn’t a fan of tolerance. We tolerate crime…in certain places. We tolerate vacant buildings…along certain stretches of road. We tolerate hunger…for certain people. And we tolerate economic stagnation…for those we judge lazy and deserved of want.

But Lawd, have mercy! Now the virus has spread into “good” communities…it has even hit man on woman sanctified married families!

So now folks are freaking the fuck out because that wasn’t the deal. Poor people did something to deserve their plight, but this middle class drama is punishing folks who did everything right.



Our current economic crisis is an expansion not a new situation.

And it is hitting the working poor hard…and double wammy of layoffs in communities where there aren’t any jobs, funding cuts to programs that were already under funded and foreclosures on shit properties people have lived in despite the horrible conditions and now are being booted out of.

Hell yes, this is reckoning…damn near biblical in its reaping of what we the people have sowed.

But in crisis there is opportunity...if we focus on the whole despite our conditioning to focus on the middle class.

That’s where all these policies come in and why we must rouse ourselves to analyze the stimulus plan to make sure job creation will touch the sistah who is heading her household while working two or three jobs just to break even…her children who attend broken down schools lacking supplies and materials…and her community, with those vacant buildings and substandard housing sorta-options.


I reckon ‘tis time to get busy and read this stimulus shit…state and federal, mind you...thoroughly.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember having a lucky goal as good (bad?) as our first one last night since MacInnis scored from the red line all those years ago.

Anonymous said...

Ssssooooo.... is it too soon for playoffs trashtalking?

Anonymous said...

On this Ash Wednesday, there are many who could do with pondering your observations on what folks will "tolerate."

Keep it coming, Shark-fu!

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle at Jindal's little screed about the irresponsibility of the bailout.

Louisiana accepted 3.7B out of a possible 3.8B out of that very package, yet the gubnor is all anti-bailout.


J9 said...

I have more studying to do on this, but it has always struck me that anytime we hear about the stimulous package, it is addressing what are traditionally men jobs - mostly building stuff like roads, and bridges, and if we're lucky, levys. When the jobs traditionally held be women like teaching and healthcare are placed on the back burner if not of conversation, than of these plans entirely.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It means everyone needs to work together to make things better no matter how little or how much you make. People are too damn greedy and looking out for themselves only. That needs to stop.

Shark-Fu said...

Lawd, have mercy...shush before you piss off the hockey gods!!

Five games out is still five games out.


Anonymous said...

I thought Louisiana's governor looked like a fool. What is with these Rep. who set themselves up as higher than though and are the first to grab for the money, then pretend they are staunchly against it . They are insane!

I thought it was ignorant when he brought up the US slavery issue and tried to attach it to Obama. Obama's black side is African! His black family does not know slavery, does not know that lash in this country, has no ties to it. For he and the media to constantly bring this up shows they know no history or that they are stupid. They keep saying that for a black person to come from slavery and become US Prez... he did not come from slavery. Why are they trying to hold onto this lie so fiercly? Though he is African/Aamerica, He is a product of the homeland. Period!

LOL- They gone make lose my mind up in here.

Anonymous said...


You are kidding right?.

Slavery didn't happen in a vacuum and it did not leave the African continent untouched.
this seems to be something that Ameicans in general don't seem very exposed to.

Obama's black family are African. Which means his ancestors had people stolen from his land.

It also means that his ancestors had there lands CONQUERED!.
Africans were living in Africa and enslaved in Africa.

Can we please bury the completely illogical notion that Africans lived side by side with colonisers as equals, because they did not.

Their lands were conquered, their traditions destroyed right before their eyes, their women enslaved, their men humiliated and used for sport, right there... right in the heart of Africa.

You speak as if you have known the lash! you have not. Your fore fathers have. And as an African, so have mine..
not just my forefathers who lived to watch their lands decimated. but also my fore fathers who lived through the middle passage.

Of course he came from slavery, do you think the colonisers in Kenya weren't enslaving the native population. Jesu christ, most African countries only gained independence in the 60's and are still paying for the debt and massive destruction which the colonisers left behind.

I wish people like you would actually have the decency to pick up a history book and read about slavery in Africa before you speak.

libhom said...

I stopped watching political speeches decades ago. I can find out all I need to know on the news or the blogs.

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