Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Presidential Address Preparedness…

Shall we?

Longtime readers know that this bitch watches presidential addresses…and that such viewage requires a certain level of preparedness.

President Obama will address a joint session of Congress tonight at 8pm CST. He is expected to make the case to the masses for his agenda to get us out of the fubaristic economic implosion that we are currently in.

Now, if that’s not a speech worth watching I don’t know what!

ABB’s Presidential Address before a Joint Session of Congress Preparedness…

The tools of the trade…

Notebook for note taking
Writing instrument for which to scrawl
Telly with beloved TiVo…so a bitch can record the Blues hockey game whilst watching the President.


The munchables…
Something crunchy, because economics makes a bitch gnash
Something spicy and cheese…because spice and cheese makes a party in your mouth!
This bitch is thinking nachos will do.
Vodka followed by grape cran…because.
Dawg crisps…to keep those sorta-beagles occupied.



Let the addressing and defiant responding followed by political pundit-based speculating begin…


Unknown said...

I look forward to his rookie State of the Union speechfying too.

Lately however his support of BushCo policies regarding warrantless wiretapping, Bagram and the missing WH emails hasn't endeared him to me.

Same shit, just a different guy running the show.

SGL Café.com said...

You go girl. And I feel you on the spice & cheese party!! lol

Anonymous said...

...followed by political pundit-based speculating...please, that part I will not watch. They ordered a shit sandwich 8 years ago and keep asking for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

ABB. Keep doing you.
Thanks for the insights into your culture.
don't always agree, but, i'm usually entertained.
Be Blessed.

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