Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Unfolding of Supercalifragilistic Fubardemocratus...

Shall we?

Okay, so Senator Clinton won Rhode Island, Ohio and the Texas Primary. Senator Obama won Vermont. The Texas Caucus results have yet to come in.

Roll up sleaves...stretch...continue...

Of Acceptable Blackness...
When Acceptable Blackness meets reality the result is that 59% of Democratic voters who voted for Senator Clinton say that race was an important factor in Ohio. 40% of Democratic voters who voted for Obama said race was one of several important factors in Ohio.

If you accept the notion of acceptable blackness then Obama wasn't acceptably black enough in Ohio.

Or should that be that Clinton was more acceptably white than Obama was acceptably black?

Or...mayhap there is no such thing as acceptable blackness, we are not living in a post race America and the race card, when played, rarely lands in favor of the person of color.


Of Women Are Never Front-runners...
I never bought the notion that Senator Clinton wasn't a front-runner, but since a certain someone put it out there that gender is a greater burden…sigh…behold these numbers, which I beheld without any surprise. 60% of Democratic voters who voted for Senator Clinton said gender was important. 40% of Democratic voters who voted for Senator Obama said gender was important.

Now catch that knee before you hurt somebody - I'm not declaring a feminist victory based on Ohio's Democratic Primary results. I will say that this looks like a gender-based positive for the woman in the race to me and this is why I'm not a fan of absolute statements.

The Fubardemocratus Unfoldeth...
Senator Clinton’s wins may move the mo but they failed to move the pledged delegate count on the Democratic side where Senator Obama is still in the lead.

But, but, but WAIT!

Did you forget about Dre?

Ummm, err...they?

They being the Superdelegates who, in the opinion Senator Clinton expressed on The Today Show/Good Morning America at the same time though allegedly live (wince) this morning, still have their role to play.

Have no doubt; this race will go on…and on, and on, and on. And the first domino of fubardemocratus has fallen! The math, the election map, the spin and the non-stop media orgasm (impressive)...all that shit points to a battle royale in Denver.

Full disclosure - this bitch will be in Denver for the convention to witness the battle royale first hand. ***makes note to pack gas mask and helmet***

Oh, what to do with Florida, where Democrats got punished for the misbehavings of Republicans?

Oh, and what to do with Michigan, where Senator Obama’s name wasn’t on the ballot?

And what oh what to do if you are a Superdelegate who are being asked to use those nifty yet un-democratic super powers to decide the future of the Democratic Party in more ways than one?

Let's see, we know that Greed - Decency = Fubar (G - D = F2).

Now it looks like Dems may be on the way to proving What to Do + Pledged Delegates divided by Superdelegates = fubardemocratus (WtD + PD / SD = F10).

And the whole world is watching…


Jeffrey Ricker said...

All those equations remind me of why I didn't major in math in college....

Anonymous said...

Here's my own Equation:

Hillary Clinton +
Rush Limbaugh Endorsement +
Dirty Deal =

Texas Primary Victory


Anonymous said...

I am so surprised by the votes. I thought Obama had really struck a chord with people. But no worries. This gives him something to think about and work towards. He will prevail in the end. The time is right. Initially, I thought Clinton would be pretty good but I no longer buy her as a viable president. It seems she like the Repblicans will do anything to win and that is not the way this whole thing has to go down. You can win without spreading falsehoods but folks do not understand this. Stand firm on ideas and make them good ones. This should be the mantra of all the candidates.

McCain seems out of touch to me. Why are people voting for this guy?

Anonymous said...

I'm still not convinced that Clinton has unequivocably won Ohio. Check out this LJ entry from a frustrated voter:

Love your blog. I've got it as a feed to my LJ. <3

Anonymous said...

You're going to the convention. I'm so jealous.
Wonderful, however, that a sharp observer like you will be there to help safeguard democracy!

Faith said...

Obama still has more pledged delegates. The Dem Party leaders are well aware of all of the Borg Queen's politricks. He knows exactly what he's doing - but he does need to take the offense. We just need to be cool. Shark Fu it's cool that you're going. How did you get to be a delegate?

Anonymous said...

Ohio has a lot of racist pockets. For the longest while, Black entertainers refused to perform in Cincinnati. As of 6 years ago, we didn't see the first African American at the city's annual fireworks display. Given that there must have been 200,000 people there, that says something.

Hopefully people will continue to leave the state and more to more tolerant areas. Meanwhile Ohio will lose more delegates.

Anonymous said...

Coming Soon!!!


Two Presidential Candidates

One Presidential Nominaton

One Knife

No Quarter

Maximum of One Survivor

2049 Delegate

(Not including Florida,Michigan, or Add-On Delegates)


August 25 - 28
Overtime not included)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I got
somewhere about 1/2 way through your post.

But hell no we aint livin in no post race society.
Not when soome ignorant rednicked cracker walks into my barnyard and asks me "well, are we gonna have us a n@##$% preseedent?"
dumb fuck. I doubt he'll be looking for a Christmas turkey from me this year after I run him off with a particularly nasty and well aimed verbal assault.

Shark-Fu said...

Oh, this bitch isn't going to Denver as a delegate.

There is a possibility that a member of our flock may make it through the selection process, but it isn't this bitch.

I'm going to Denver to cover that shit. Hopefully I can get papers to go inside, but the coverage should be cool 'round Denver no matter what!

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Just back from vacation overseas (it was lovely, thanks for asking) and it's amazing just how carefully people in Europe are watching this U.S. election cycle. I got grilled by my cousins as to what - exactly - were superdelegates; how that was supposed to facilitate the process; and just how the heck that old Electoral College thing worked anyway. (They didn't provide a white board, but I did the best I could)

Might I recommend a packing list for Denver?
- "Acceptably Black" paraphenalia
- clean undies
- trashy novel for the plane
- Hip Boots and nose plug
- big girl bottle of Tylenol
- cash for a "My Sister went to witness democracy in action and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" for Sister C-Money.

And bite your tongue - there is nothing better than hockey! (Does Brown really play hockey, or do they just skate around and fall down a lot?) I will offer a moment of silence for the Blues' fall from grace, or the playoff standings... same thing.

more cowbell said...

Yes! So glad you'll be in Denver (!!!) to cover this mess! I am a delegate for Obama, and would sell my shoes to make it all the way to Denver, but I know my chances of that are wavering between slim and none. (besides which, my shoes would probably net me about $4.21 at a garage sale.)

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