Monday, March 10, 2008

Why the Obama Will Be My Running Mate Tactic makes my Afro hurt...

This bitch watched the Wyoming Caucuses Saturday and was amazed by the turnout y’all had! As much as I fear the drama yet to come in the remaining Democratic primaries, I am thrilled to see so many Americans turn out and let their voice be heard.

Go on with your bad selves, fellow voters!

This bitch is particularly excited to see that Mississippi will vote tomorrow. I may be a Missouri native, but my people come from Mississippi and many still live there. It’s a refreshing change to see candidates campaigning down South this late in the political season and it looks as if Mississippians are taking advantage of the opportunity to see what’s what.

One notion being floated by Team Clinton (both Bill and Hillary on separate occasions) is the idea of Senator Obama as her Vice Presidential choice.

I must confess that this tactic is making my Afro hurt and here's why.

Why the Obama Will Be My Running Mate Tactic makes my Afro hurt.

#1. It fails to pass the Spock Test…
If he doesn’t pass your commander and chief test how the hell can you pick him as Vice President? Mayhap they should toss an invitation at Senator McCain since he is so very qualified in their eyes (mercy!).

Otherwise, this shit is illogical and fails the Spock Test.

Someone will have to be punished.

Where the hell did I put the Merciless Rod of Correction (wink)?

#2. Political Gaslighting is dangerous bitness…
Okay...Clinton 2008 says that they are in a position to offer the Vice Presidency even though they are not in a position to offer it…they quote the numbers like a front-runner (a bitch suspects someone is using that freakish new math)…and they continue to insert electability where inevitability once lived in denial of the fact that achieving 2025 ain’t on the table anymore.

Clearly a staffer had a moment of inspiration after a TCM marathon.

Or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.


#3. The Risk of Backlash…
A bitch is a wee bit surprised to see Clinton 2008 out on the stump offering the #2 slot as if Senator Obama were a precocious child and the V.P. slot were his cookie.

I'd have thought the Obama campaign would have earned some respect by no, but even if it hasn't this shit can go from awkward to patronizing in a blink of thy eye!

And it’ll be a sad commentary if Yes We Can reverts to I Am a Man…


Admiral Komack said...

"#1. It fails to pass the Spock Test…"
"If he doesn’t pass your commander and chief test how the hell can you pick him as Vice President? Mayhap they should toss an invitation at Senator McCain since he is so very qualified in their eyes (mercy!)."

"Otherwise, this shit is illogical and fails the Spock Test."

"Someone will have to be punished."

-I wouldn't mind putting Hillary into a agony booth.

nonie3234 said...

I heard someone on MSNBC this morning saying "It's like she's trying to sell a house she doesn't own!"


At least they were treating it like the joke that it is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shark-Fu!
I've imagined that I've been imagining this
bullshit . . . . I thought my head might explode
and scare the neighbors until he addressed this in a speech in Mississippi today, too.
Will we all survive this alternative universe?

RR said...

I love your blog.

Like everything that comes out of Clinton's camp, this seems carefully calculated. I usually admire Clinton's skills as a tactician but this time, her tactics really depress me. On top of being a backhanded compliment intended to undermine the idea that Obama is competent, it makes her seem so desperate and out of touch with reality. Kind of reminds me of any time George W. Bush opens his mouth.

When the idea of a Clinton-Obama ticket or Obama-Clinton ticket was first floated, it sounded so unstoppable, no matter who was on top... now it sounds like a very, very bad idea -- just too problematic for words, however the ticket gets arranged. I'm uncomfortable envisioning either one taking such a deferential position in relation to the other.

Although I liked and disliked things about both candidates, maybe this mistake may finally tip the scales toward Obama so we can pick a candidate and focus on what's wrong with McCain instead. Which is A LOT OF THINGS.

Anonymous said...

As Obama himself has stated he is in first place and she is second. So how is the second place person going to offer the first place person the vice presidency. I see that they are trying to plant this seed if it makes no sense. Problem is people will not make the mental leap to realize she is full of it.

Anonymous said...

Well said RR, not as well as Shark Fu :) but well said. I totally agree that the Clinton technics seem so Bush, so GOP. And she has the audacity to talk of representing change!!! My mind has been made up since Feb. 06. YES WE CAN!

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Good post.

I think the Clinton team is trying to rough the O man up so much that influential in the democratic party leaders will urge Obama to either be her vice-president or put her on his ticket, preferably the former. The problem with this strategy is that it's pissing off democratic party leaders and super delegates in the process.

Another desperate, illogical and deceitful tactic that will backfire.

more cowbell said...

The Spock test, ha! All the underhanded games are getting ridiculous. Either she's crossed the desperate line, and needs to get that under control before she starts embarrassing herself, OR, she's being shrewd, trying to paint him as an underling. Or a Commander Ryker, to her Picard,if you prefer!

No means no!

Felipe Snark said...

Get ready...more ish from the Clinton surrogates. Today's winner is Geraldine Ferraro, Mondale's running mate:

"I'm on Hillary's finance committee. I've done a fundraiser for her here at my firm. And I went and worked the phone banks before Super Tuesday. I have to tell you, this is a very emotional campaign for me," Ferraro said.

When the subject turned to Obama, Clinton's rival for the Democratic Party nomination, Ferraro's comments took on a decidedly bitter edge.

"I think what America feels about a woman becoming president takes a very secondary place to Obama's campaign - to a kind of campaign that it would be hard for anyone to run against," she said. "For one thing, you have the press, which has been uniquely hard on her. It's been a very sexist media. Some just don't like her. The others have gotten caught up in the Obama campaign.

"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position," she continued. "And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept." Ferraro does not buy the notion of Obama as the great reconciler.

Emphasis mine. Yes, the press has been "uniquely" hard on her, but Obama has gone back and forth from being "not black enough" to "too black" to "inexperienced" to having to denounce Farrakhan in that very same press. Yes, it's been a cakewalk for Obama (eyeroll).

Faith said...

The Clinton campaign just steps into one blunder after the other. The 3am ad is now backfiring since the first young woman in the ad is an Obama supporter. Over at dailykos her Internet maven posited a stupid question on Friday and got his *ss handed to him in the reply sections with specific instructions for Hillary to fug herself. Reports about her TX primary 'win' heavily suggest that Rush Limbaugh got a bunch of Republicans to vote for her while the actual Democrats overwhelming voted for Obama as evidenced by is caucus win. It's gonna be a fight to the bitter end but I think God/Universe/Karma will continue to assert Herself and expose HRC. And for those who live in glass houses Eliot Spitzer may very well bite the dust. So much for looking for terrorists. Wiretapping at its best! Thanks Congress!

PortlyDyke said...

Shark Fu -- Your acuity dazzles me, especially re: The Spock Test. When I saw Clinton in that interview, I just had a deep down "That's not right" response, but couldn't put my finger on exactly on what felt so "wrong" to me.

The closest I could get was that I was having a response to a white-privilege power play -- "You'll have what I choose to give you" (the cookie analogy) -- as if the cookie was hers to give.

Your analysis helped marry my head and my gut.

You teach me. Thank you.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

As Captain Picard might say, it's a tactic worthy of the Romulans.

Barry Floore said...

But let's make one point: it was a carefully worded "offer," wasn't it? It wasn't by Hillary (A), and it was said that the ticket would be unstoppable (B)... the latter point is generally accepted.

Would it make sense for the Clinton camp to talk about an Obama-Clinton ticket as opposed to a Clinton-Obama ticket? She likes the idea... I suspect he likes the idea. And he didn't reject it 100%... he just said that he was running for president, not VP. IE: the decision is IMMATURE (I think that was the word he used). It was an interesting political move on the Clinton camp's part, wasn't it? I think, though, ultimately, she was just opening the door to the discussion between them instead of the bloggers and pundits being the only one to talk about it.

This is becoming silly. We, as Dems and/or liberals, need to realize that John McCain is our enemy. I originally thought a long, drawn out primary would be beneficial... but it's becoming a bloodbath... on both sides. I just hope either candidate isn't suffering from anemia by the time the show is over.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

The tactics employed by the Clintons have been reprehensible. Who would have thought that "America's first black president" would have resorted to such recreant knuckle dragging ways.

If your Afro is hurtin, give it a good fluff. . . aww, come one, go ahead. I'll just watch.

Miss Caldonia said...

Wish I still had an Afro that could hurt. If I did, I would take my Afro pick and zap it in Billary's direction. Then I would tell them, "I feel your pain" just like they told black folks before they got hip to them.

Anonymous said...

I propose that Billary run for the governorship of NY in a special election against another African-American, David Patterson. This way she could just go ahead and drop out of the prez race against Barack. Plus, she and Bill would be in great atmospheric company, what with Spitzer being the hippocritic asshole he turns out to be (at least he admits his womanising).
Dandy of Atl.

Anonymous said...

HIllary Clinton is being quite deliberate here. She is boxing Obama into a corner. He keeps saying "you've got to choose me," and she's saying, "you can have us both."
Who sounds more reasonable?
I don't know if he can outsmart her. Especially with some of those loose cannons he has working for him, like Power.

Anonymous said...

Oh please no! If the O wins, don't select HRC as Biliary won't be content. They had their
shot, time for totally new outlook/new ppl!

Anonymous said...

The brain underneath that Kiss My Afro is worthy of genuflection. I "heart" you and your blog.

Jennifer said...

I not only found the VP "offer" illogical, but offensive as well. To me it sounded a lot like, "hey Barry, get on the can ride in the back." While the intent may not have been racist, it certainly was condescending, and anyone as well-schooled in racial politics as the Clintons are should have known damn well how it was going to come across.

Anonymous said...

Hillary KKKlinton definitely pulled a Miss Millie with that one. "I like your kind, you should come work for me."

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