Thursday, March 20, 2008


A bitch just has to share this story with y’all!

An Amish couple in Jamesport Missouri was buggyjacked.

Mmmhmm, a man allegedly forced them to give him a ride while he was fleeing a robbery.

Now this bitch has been on the road with many a buggy in my lifetime and they wouldn’t be my first choice to get my flee on in, but…well, maybe there weren’t any cars about.

Or mayhap the alleged buggyjacker is just stone cold stupid, because he ultimately directed the stolen buggy to his trailer where police then arrived to…wait for it!!...investigate a report of a stolen buggy.


The Amish couple was unharmed in the alleged buggyjacking incident.

Merciful heaven…


Anonymous said...

(wiping tears from eyes)
I so needed to see that story! Some folks is jus' to stupid to be let out! Ha!

L. Jackson said...

Omg, that was good! Thanks!

Delux said...

What's next? Grand theft donkey?

Anonymiss said...

LOL at "buggyjacked"!

Anonymous said...

OMG! =)))) He goes to the top of the list. (Stupidest criminal ever? )

SRT said...

Maybe instead of Dumb and Dumber 3, Hollywood will be inspired to create "Amish Speed":) Or Amish Speed . . . Buggy?!
Thanks for the laugh! Should be sleeping right now but blogging and reading instead - related to your other posts, too.

In case you haven't seen this clip from SNL yet, thought you might enjoy this for a laugh, too:)

argyle socks said...

...his house to investigate a stolen buggy?

No words.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself. If the price of gas goes any higher, there going to be a lot more horseynappings before its over.

If you think that Algore complains a lot about greenhouse gasses, just imagine how bitterly he's going to complain when horsey raises his tail and goes kerplopity-plop! It's going to be fun when Algore tries to sell his Carbon Credits to Horse Owners.