Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post-Ig’nant tees!

You asked and we delivered!
The AngryBlackBitch store now has Post-Ig’nant tees!
Thanks go to Brother Rob Thurman for all of his AngryBlackBitch design work.
C-Money wants everyone to know that feedback is welcome and she is open to suggestions if you would like the tee in some other whatever.
Just drop a comment.


KBO said...

Oooh, Bitch, you done made my day! Placed my order fifteen seconds ago.

I guess Bitches really do get shit done.

Anonymous said...

Great store! I'm a new reader and didn't realize it was there. I really like the "acceptably black" shirts. Unfortunately, the women's cut shirts seem to only be available in plus size or maternity. Will they be available in a small anytime in the future?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

HAR! I always wanted to be "post-" something!
I'm so lucky to be "post-ig'nant". . . maybe if I wear the t-shirt to the right places.

Cherie said...

I was JUST going to come here today and, regardless of what the topic was, ask where the damn link to the store is. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the heads up. I just made some Acceptably Black women's shirts for you. If there's a particular shirt/design combo you'd like but don't see, just shoot ABB a note and I'll make it for you in three clicks. I just try to paste Brother Rob's designs on a nice assortment of merch, so all things are possible. Thanks for shopping in the store!

C-Money, Mgr of the ABB Boutique

silverfoot said...

hear, hear! can we get an "Acceptably Black" baby tee?

silverfoot said...

oops! my bad - you added one already. how about a Bitchitude baby tee?

BOSSY said...

Nice! Bossy thinks you put the Ohhhhh in Post-ig'nant.

Anonymous said...

shark-fu, just found ur blog.

U rule.

please keep saying this totally accurate message over and over and over again, get the meme out, make people think about what they are FOR not what against.

again: peeps gotta know what we FOR...always.

thanks for writing this blog entry.

peace :)

Jaelithe said...

A most excellent addition to any Post-Ig'nant bitch's wardrobe, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

I really like it. I think I'll have pull about the Visa to order one.

Anonymous said...


The baby tee is now "Practicing the fine art of Bitchetude" just for you. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

This is GREAT! How about some cards that show the art of bitchfirmations? I'm thinking something like a 5x7 card that can be framed, or cards that could be sent to family or friends who need a bitchfirmation? Those words have always been super helpful to me when I've struggled to remember that my speaking up is so someone else isn't making MY decisions! Yes, we DEFINITELY need ways to share bitchfirmations with others PLEASE.

Shall we take bets on possible repercussions that may occur if I were to 1-put the clock in my work office 2-magnets of practicing the fine art of bitchitude and 3 the words are my weapon bitch magnets?? LOL

I work in a school setting as a school psychologist. Somehow I don't see my supervisor seeing these as building rapport with students and their parents like I do. :-D This however is about ME being empowered to make decisions that are best for our kiddos. :-)

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