Monday, March 31, 2008

An adult with autism…

Thank you to everyone who has alerted a bitch to the Autism series airing on CNN!

I look forward to watching some of the coverage…but I have to admit that the constant ‘child with autism’ talk with out the addition of some 'teen with autism' and a healthy dose of 'adult with autism' language makes my Afro itch.

As some of you know my brother Bill is autistic...not a child but a grown ass man of 37!

Oh, a bitch knows the unique challenges parents face when their child is diagnosed. Mmmhmmm, I know that shit very well (mercy!).

But we sibling guardians have some challenges too…one of which is educating the media that we exist.

1 in 150 means that teens and adults with autism will need programs and options.

And 1 in 150 also means that siblings as guardians won’t always be so rare.

Autism may be a mystery but my brother’s life is a reality – he is an adult with autism.

Toodles and let me know what y’all think of the CNN coverage.


Lee said...

Thanx for the reminder about the coverage! My soon-to-be-12y.o. nephew is autistic so I'm interested in seeing it.

Unknown said...

I can so relate to this. My brother is 24 nd has Asperger syndrome. I want to see how other adults with autism cope with the job market, adjusting to having some independence.

J said...

Seems like siblings take a lot of responsibility in so many cases like this, and get none of the coverage. Might be interesting to see it from that angle.

I awarded you a perfect post today, for your post from last week about patriotism. I absolutely loved everything you had to say. Not sure if you do the buttons, etc., but there's one at my blog if you're interested.


ps, I see you have Maya's Granny on your blogroll. She's my mom. Not sure if you know, but she had a heart attack and has been recovering in Anchorage. If you're interested, she's writing about it on her blog.

onix said...

sorry to make the point, but i think diagnosis like these have a racist component. adhd for example,
in netherlands, it won't be a great help i know, bu there is an entirely different concept of activity for babys that are able to lift themselves by their hands 3 weeks old and a child that still cant hold on to them when he is 4.
well i guess i witnessed a somewhat more extreme case, but that immigrants or former colony's afro people here are subject to a repressive diagnostics is also clear.

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