Monday, March 17, 2008

Lawd, have mercy!

Happy St. Pats Day to all y’all. We’ve rain in St. Louis, but something tells me that it won’t delay the party in Dogtown (wink).


A bitch caught up with all things political and chat-able Sunday afternoon and hot damn there was a lot of drama! The sum total of things is that Senator Obama’s in a world of hurt over comments made by his pastor Reverend Wright.

I have to admit that I was more shocked that the pastor dropped a G-damn into the sermon than anything else. This bitch has certainly spent time in traditional black churches and that was a first for me! As to the other statements, well…I totally understand why Rev. White had to step down from the campaign given the nature of what he said.

I really don’t like it when religious figures associate tragedies with punishment or when they get all up into campaigns. It always leaves a nasty stench when religious leaders talk political policy or preach from campaign talking points.

Pause…sip water…continue.

The worst part of this latest campaign malfunction is that it does nothing to address the fact that my ass damn near had a stroke at the gas station this morning.


Mmmhmmm, a bitch was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure (yeah, I know…no surprise there…sigh) and yes I’m addressing it and yes I’m taking it seriously. Damn it, I'm going to miss salt!


Since being diagnosed, I swear I can feel my pressure rise when agitated. Honest!

Well, when I pulled Ms. SisterGirl Cabrio up to the pump to feed her some gas and saw the price of gas per gallon (ouch!!) I know I felt my pressure go through the roof.

Heaven to hell and back again, this shit is out of control! I can’t afford to fill up Ms. SisterGirl Cabrio. I had to settle for half a tank until I balance my fucking checkbook and get dawg food. And that harsh reality on top of having been mentally assaulted by the price of yummified organic milk (Jesus, its milk not Champagne!!) has this bitch hoping the epidemic of campaign-based verbal malfunctions is at an end so all the candidates can get about the bitness of telling me how they plan to deal with the economic shit storm devastating my pocketbook!

Fuck it all, have the pundits set up an economic Doppler radar for the next Democratic debate!

Because the masses have been snatched up by a perfect storm of hellish numbers named The Economy that is screaming above the howling wind…

“It’s me, stupid!"

"It’s meeeeeeee!”


Anonymous said...


Os-Cal is cheaper than milk. Not as yummy, but cheaper.

Anonymous said...

With respect to The Reverend in absentia Jeremiah Wright of the United Church of Christ, I must insist that the United Church of Christ must either pronounce the sentence of ANATHEMA MARANATHA upon The Reverend in absentia Jeremiah Wright, thus defrocking him for Heresies and Apostacies or forever abandon all pretense of being a Christain Church.

If The Reverend in absentia Jeremiah Wright were a White Man, he'd be an IMPERIAL WIZARD .

Camera Obscura said...

Oh lookee, Shark-Fu, you've attracted a troll. One who apparently doesn't know how the UCC works...

jsb16 said...

I've heard a couple predictions that gas prices will go above $4 during the summer. Meanwhile, corporations are still slipping off-shore with their un-taxed profits, the Republicans are bleating about "tax hikes" that only affect the wealthiest half-percent of Americans, and no one's paying any attention to McCain's flunkies (Hagee).

Oh, and take a deep breath and let it out slowly before you look at the news. Faux News is trying to fabricate links between Obama and FARC.

Anonymous said...

Sharky-Fu you said it ! - these are the days that try a bitch's blood pressure U get yourself checked out stat - love YOU !


Anonymous said...

To satisfy your salt jones in a healthier way, try

Shark-Fu said...

Thanks anony.

I scored some after my doctor told me salt wasn't even a sometimes option anymore.

It is damn near the real thing so I really shouldn't complain...

Anonymous said...

exercise and calcium can help blood pressure. snif..caffeine not helpful in high quantities..

Only some people with high blood pressure are aided by low salt diet. If you are in that salt-vulnerable group, consider yourself a candidate for a trip to your local spice and herb shop - for spices, I like Seema's on Page Ave.


Anonymous said...

Re: your March 17th entry. For the first time ever, Shark-Fu, you said nothing. I am disappointed.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

When I was diagnosed as having congestive heart failure and should not even buy canned vegetables because they contain too much salt, I almost had another heart attack.

On another serious note, I read that, after the uproar with Pastor Wright, more white voters are inclined to vote for Clinton over Obama. Obviously, these folks never set foot in a black church. Compared to church sermons i've heard in Atlanta, Wright's speech was rather mild.

Just say no to the salt, Sis.

billie said...

nothing gets me riled up more whilst having my morning cuppa- than stupidity. i decided yesterday i wasn't going to post on the primary race anymore because i just can't abide by what a certain campaign continues to do to the democratic party and democracy. they don't care about the issues- they care about winning using any means necessary. i really thought we had a shot at taking back our democratic republic but the dems are shooting that idea all to hell with their politics as usual mentality. they act as if they believe that everything is going to work itself out and go back to the way it was. our way of life has no choice but to change- and they don't know it. or care.

Anonymous said...

Oof, comments about Wright being racist make my head hurt!

Folks like the UCC troll above clearly don't know or want to understand liberation theology, which is closely related to feminism. That is, one must take the perspective of the oppressed to visualize the path to liberation; thus, being "Afro-centric" or using Feminist-critical thought. This perspective shifting is good not only for the oppressed, but also the oppressor.

It is impossible to be "racist," in the truest sense, against Whites. An anti-White comment, for example, is simply that, a fleeting comment. An anti-Black comment, on the other hand, invokes a historic, systemic, and social structure of oppression as a reminder of "their place." In a metaphoric sense, it's comparing concord grapes to gigantic pumpkins. Simply not the same. I don't care if you are Black or purple and disagree with me, it simply is not the same.

On another note, ABB, get your thyroid function checked. Make sure your MD is using the latest (2003) TSH guidelines (.3-3.0) set by American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Thyroid function may (or may not) be a factor in your raised blood pressure, but it's better to know definitively.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh boy.

If you're going to make a sweeping 'it is impossible to be "racist," in the truest sense, against Whites' comments, please have the huevos to attach a name, or a nickname, or an aka, or at LEAST a nom de guerre so I know with whom I do battle.

Racism is racism. Period. It's like saying there is no such thing as sexism against men. Regardless of the history of women's oppression, sexism affects both sexes. You can argue cultural context at will, but it is a slippery, solipsistic slope you're on when you do so.

When one is judged, the "judger" is making assumptions on the "judgee" based upon surface infomation: skin color, hair color, genitalia, and so on. A black person calling a white person with whom he or she has no prior acquaintance a "stupid cracker," for example, is a racist statement. If the black person knows for a fact the white person is, indeed, a "stupid cracker" then it's not racist per se; however, I refer you to hundreds of years of "oh, they're just a lazy, dirty people" as to the greased galleyway that is "knowing for a fact."

In either fact, words hurt (beatings hurt more.) I will grant you not all people who make racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. statements are in fact racist/etc.; most are simply ignorant, uncomfortable, or not paying attention (e.g., being human.) However, sweeping generalities such as yours are loathesome. It's like saying Nazi experiments on the Jews were okay becuase Jews - as subhumans - don't really feel pain like the rest of us do.

I have to go take a walk and cool down now.

Unknown said...

Amen Sista Shark Fu!

Take care of yoself please..we love you woman. I know what you mean about your blood pressure rising when something jerks your chain..I get a massive headache after listening to the Idiot-in-Chief talk..without FAIL! ;)

silverfoot said...

I was really impressed by Obama's "More Perfect Union" speech - that's some of the smartest, most historically grounded stuff to come out of a politician's mouth since... well, ever. I just wish Clinton had given an equally measured and thought-out rejection regarding certain comments by folks attached to her campaign.

And I have to say, as well-spoken as his speech was, it hurts me to see one black man apologise for another black man's anger, even as he attempts to distance himself from it. And I have to ask myself just who it is who is meant to be put at ease by this careful explanation of black anger.

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern:

I do not need to understand everything about Liberation Theology or Reverend in absetia Jeremiah Wright to know that so-called Secret Knowlege is being preached, and that it isn't Christianity.

Where have we heard the term "secret knowlege" before? The Gnostics used it! The Gnostics didn't even understand it themselves, as was demonstrated by St. Irenaeus when he wrote about them. St. Irenaeus was probably the only one who did understand the Gnostics totally, and yet he did not consider them to be Christain. Nor did the Council of Carthage consider the Gnostics to be Christain as they systematically dumped the Gnostic Gospels such as the Gospels of Judas, Thomas, and Phillip for not being Christain.

I am offended that I was calle a Protestant by one of the other Trolls. I showed that I wasn't a Protestant by the use of the words "Anathema Maranatha", which are words that Protestants rarely use. I expect an appology for this.

I am differentiating myself from the OTHER Anonymus Troll by sining my moniker,

Anonymus Troll #1

Anonymous said...

disturbed to hear about the blood pressure business. take care of yourself. we have far too few truth speakers out there and we need you too much.

anonymous only cause I already have too many passwords to keep track of

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