Friday, December 14, 2007

Tis the season...

This bitch has enjoyed several fantabulous parties this holiday season and a glance at my calendar shows that there are several yet to come.

If I don’t see you out and about at a fete this weekend, you be sure to make wherever you are a holiday party to remember.

And the forecast is calling for snow, so drive like you’ve got some damn sense (wink).



Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Have fun, stay safe, and keep an eye out in case we get the now 6-10 inch snow forecast == St. Louis has enough problems handling 1-2 inches these days (and then there is that whole loss of power issue with Ameren).

Once, when I was teenager and only Annoyed in St. Louis, driving from U-city to Westport Plaza to catch a movie (IIRC The Seven-Per-Cent Solution). It wasn't snowing when I went into the theatre, but there was nearly three inches on the ground when the movie was over. The drive home was memorable (not in a good way). I can't remember a damn thing about the movie.

Infuriated Faggot said...

hey abb-

I'm in STL 18-23. . . we planning a Church Meeting?



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