Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Come clean?

Scooter B., desperately trying to frame the new Iran intelligence report as a pro-war positive, is now calling on Iran to “come clean” and admit that they did once have nuclear aspirations.


I’m thinking this may be an attempt to ignore and redirect.

The new intelligence report doesn’t absolve Iran of dabbling in a previous nuclear courtship back before 2003…but that’s not the fucking point.

The point is that Scooter B. and his minions have been making war noises and escalating towards conflict based on a foundation that has now been exposed to be sandish.

Since we don’t have the technology to go back in time and bomb what was why don’t we deal with what is…and that’s us as in the United States barely avoiding repeating recent fubarish war history by bombing first and asking questions never!

Jesus, these idiots were talking about the world being on the verge of World War III!

Think about that shit.



If our previous intelligence breakdown was single sourced to Curveball I wonder who the fall guy was/is going to be for this shit?

Breaking ball?



Mike said...

Can you say political bull shit? Over and over and over?

Anonymous said...

These guys are crazy and I am tired of them. Is everyone who goes into politics just insane? A sanity check is long overdo.

truggle45 said...

this pretty much captures the fatuous persistence. They'll fight the wars they want bc they are unconcerned with reality.

rikyrah said...

They're liars.

We knew that.

They're INSANE.

People used to tell me that I was being ' melodratic' using that word.

'Rikyrah, you can't call the President, Vice President and their evil cabal INSANE!'

The hell I can't.

They ARE insane. And, while others were happy with the 2006 elections, it made me SCARED.TO.DEATH.

because, those lunatics had NOTHING TO LOSE.

So, while they continue to lie - they knew this report back in the SUMMER- and they hid it, hoping that they could spread enough lies, and goad the President of Iran into doing something TRULY stupid...

This report has come out. And, I'm sighing with relief.

They still might try and attack Iran, but I do think it's been made much harder for them, and with this bunch, that counts for a lot.

faboo mama said...

@rikyrah, I just read over at Pissed On Politics that Clinton is also acting like sanctions are working. You gotta read the post.

FWIW, I won't sigh with relief until 01/20/09. These people are psychotic, who knows what they'll do. They went into Iraq knowing full well the consequences and still didn't have a plan.

The Lazy Iguana said...

The horrible Bill O'Reilly was already flirting with the new White House Press Secretary (she does look a lot better than Tony Snow) and spinning this issue at the same time. You know, the NIE really does not show that there is no reason to not go to war with Iran. Or something like that.

The king can never be wrong!

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