Monday, December 31, 2007

Pondering 2008...

A bitch is beyond rested up!


Well shit, this bitch had to get my sleep on to prepare for the Caucus followed by Primary followed by Primary based election coverage.


As a Midwestern bitch, I'm a wee bit pleased that Iowans are poised to make a race of this. The lack of a clear front runner on the Democratic side may force an exploration of the candidates and their positions.


Mmmmhmmm, and a bitch is all for that shit!

There's nothing like a tight race to bring out the true character of the show how they handle challenge...and to give them a chance to show what they reach for first, their policy positions or globs of mud.

But a quick word to the press, if I may be so bold (wink). A statistical three way tie (why does that sound kinky?) is a statistical three way tie. Y'all need to calm the fuck down! A novice to the political game may actually think those two and three point changes day to day mean something...when you press folks know damn well what a 4.5% margin of error equals in a poll.


Anyhoo, after the frenzified political drama of Iowa comes New Hampshire. My beloved sister C-Money will be campaigning up there (go on, girl...and wear layers!!). I'm hoping she'll do a couple of guest posts (hint followed by hint and another hint).

Then we'll have South Carolina and the first real test of the Democratic candidates in a state with a large black population. Represent, y'all! Represent!


Once again the will of the people is at play and this election is beyond very important on local, statewide and national levels.

In 2007 I witnessed the people of occupied Burma take to the streets to protest despite the reality of brutal amazing woman lose her life to an assassin sent to silence her and to silence dissent in Pakistan...and recent riots in Kenya as the people there protest a controversial election.

In a few hours it will be 2008 and I wonder at my fellow Americans who can't be bothered to vote when so many gave their lives and risked their lives so that we can put ballot in hand and get our vote on.

The vote is power gained through struggle and when we fail to vote we are allowing some other potential asshole to speak for us (shudder).

Yes, change is painful and often messy...yes, the will of the majority is often frustrating as hell (Lawd)...but yes, democracy is indeed the best revenge.


Happy 2008, y'all!


Let's go change the world...


Anonymous said...

Great post as always! Happy New Year to you and long may you blog. You are an absolute pleasure, a breath of fresh air and a very bright woman. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Cheers Darlin' ! Here's to another year over and a new one ahead. Hope it's terrific :)

Yankee T said...

I would put your blog down and my great find for 2007. Thanks for keeping me informed, entertained, outraged, and encouraged. I wish you much bitchitude and great fun in 2008. Thanks for making this old lady think.

Anonymous said...

SharkFu- wondering if you have any good sources regarding the primaries and what they really mean, and why they are held in certain states.

Maya's Granny said...

Have a wonderful New Year and may 2008 bring us some relief from the mess that has been created in our name.

Anonymous said...

"Shit, now my Afro hurts..."

Read that one line and The Doctor is now a fan of The Bitch for life.

The Lazy Iguana said...

What makes Iowa so important? What do they have, like 5 electoral votes? OK I just looked it up, Iowa has 7.

Florida has 27. This makes Florida close to 4 times more important than Iowa. But up to this year, Florida's primaries were so late in the season that by the time we got around to voting only one person was running anyway.

And then when Florida changed our primaries to an earlier date, the DNC flipped out and has a hissy - threatening to not allow any Florida delegates in to the big show.

SO states with 3 and 4 votes get all the press, while States like Texas and Florida (numbers 2 and 3) get diddly squat. Ohio does have 20 votes, and Illinois gets 21 - and they have important primaries.

This is why I do not pay a heap of attention to this primary madness. My primary vote matters not anyway. Well it might this year, but if the DNC means what it says it will not matter because Florida delegates will not be allowed in - and supposedly nobody is going to campaign in Florida anyway. Which is fine with me, the political ads make me ill.

Happy New Year!!!! May this be a very blue year, with no trace at all of red.

Shark-Fu said...

Need Info...

Check out the following resources on primaries, which are the offspring of party politics in America.

Anonymous said...

Well, you & I might not be considered to have much in common (55 yr. old white male married w/ professional), but I like your blog and your honest feelings--I hope everyone heeds your call that Democracy is indeed, the best revenge and it "works, if you work it" (to borrow a phrase). Everyone, please get off your ass--work for your candidate -- and vote !

Shark-Fu said...


All are welcome and you are not alone (wink).

Many a reader has disagreed and many a great discussion has resulted.

Be welcome and go forth encouraging all you see to vote from a place of knowledge!

Anonymous said...

Let's go change the world indeed!

I like when there's a really close race. Keeps it interesting.

But it makes me sick to see the disgustingly low percentage of people who get off their asses to go vote. WTF is wrong with them? Don't they know, if you don't vote you lose your all-important right to bitch about the government?

Happy New Year, and long may you blog!

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