Thursday, December 06, 2007

I never knew JFK and I sure as heck didn’t work with JFK, but this dude is no JFK…

A certain Mitt Romney of the how much money will it take to buy the Presidency Romney’s gave a speech on religion today that his staff would very much like to result in no more questions about his religion.


Aside from the insult to my intelligence that is any comparison between then candidate Kennedy’s famous speech on religion and now candidate Romney’s speech, the need for this is very telling and I can’t stop thinking that Republicans did this shit to themselves.

Candidate Kennedy faced a nation unsure and with a lot of questions.

Candidate Romney has to get through the Evangelical base on the Republican Party who think, like Queen of Rancidity Ann Coulter, that they are perfected and other people don’t need religious freedom they need perfecting too.

The Evangelical base was recruited for the power of their uniform and predictable voting numbers and it is that uniform predictability that Romney is up against.

A bitch objects to the climate of intolerance for religious freedom that led Romney to make this speech.

It’s sad but not surprising.

But I can’t rustle up sympathy for the fact that the same morally confused prosperity gospel believing voters Romney's been pandering to on the issues of reproductive choice, marriage equality and immigration reform are sharpening their knives and anxiously waiting for a fellow "perfected" Evangelical to emerge from the pack (can you say Huckabee?) and green light the kind of value voting the gospel of MyFaithorNoFaith-based politics demands.

"The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all."
John F. Kennedy
Vanderbilt University
May 18 of 1963


Jeffrey Ricker said...

I will say this only once:

Mitt Romney is a Cylon.

And he has a plan.

Maya's Granny said...

Yes, they have done it to themselves. They have pandered to intolerance, and the intolerance has now come to bite them.

rikyrah said...

Flipping Mitt now says that non-believers best get up on out of America. They're not welcome in HIS America.


of course, call me a bigot, but I don't care. I'm not about to vote for a man who was GROWN, before his religion told him that I could get into Heaven as something OTHER THAN A SLAVE. In my actual LIFETIME, this was the truth.

And, remember. Romney isn't some Mormon peon...his family are bigwig Mormons....

So, count me among those that have no intentions of voting for Mr. Mormon, Flipping Mitt.

Unknown said...

Praise Jeebus for Granny's comment. I hope it comes true real soon..

Anonymous said...

Question: Why must we listening to this man talk about religion when he is simply-- a panderer? He tells us basically you can't be a real american without knowing some kind of god.
He quotes the constitution, bastardizing it of course; but nevertheless quoting it.
The mind reels . . . .
My eyes continue to bleed . . . .

more cowbell said...

His comment about how "some have taken the notion of separation of church & state too far" floored me. AFter the last 8 years, how anyone could think that is beyond me.

Mitt is trying to hop on board with the Christians, get them thinking they're all believers together, who must unite against the non-believers.

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