Monday, April 23, 2007

Wall them the fuck in?

Okay, a bitch is busier than hell...and bitter with it... but had to pause for a quick moment of bitchitude.

What the fuck is this shit?

And do these people have no understanding of history?

The solution worked up by the United States and Iraqi forces to deal with those insurgent attacks that John McCain claimed are no big deal anyhoo (wince...not his best moment) is to build a “temporary” wall.

A temporary wall, for the love of all that is foolish and flawed from jump!

Mayhap they borrowed the idea from the head idiots in charge who thought a fence would solve our immigration challenges?

Lawd, give me strength!

I immediately thought of the footage I’ve seen of the Berlin Wall back in the day…that had been rumor...and then became a fence...which, over time, grew into a 'oh shit, we need power tools' huge ass thick wall/symbol.

Wise people know that temporary solutions too often become semi-permanent drama infused tools of oppression.

Now that I think of it, “Wall them the fuck in!” is rarely proposed by the nice guys.


I think my afro just went gray…


Maya's Granny said...

The Berlin Wall, the walls of the ghettos in Germany, the wall the Israelis are putting up in Palestine -- none of these are good things. None were put up by the good guys. That we are building a wall in a foreign nation that had no need for a wall before we got there is a crime.

Anonymous said...

No afro, but lots of gray... and now a little extra...

The good thing is, we're not doomed to repeat history thanks to those "Courtesy C" students running the joint who never cracked a book - this is modern times. Don't they know just how unsuccessful current walls are in the Middle East? Like the one separating Israeli and Palestinian territories? Oh yeah, that's "a model of decorum and tranquility that becomes... a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee."

(Listening to show tunes on the way to work this morning. But I digress.)

Good fences make good neighbors. Walls are bad ideas. I can name only two that have successfully fulfilled their function as intended - Great and Wailing. All the others have been disasters.

Anonymous said...

Well i don't know about you but GWB has made me want to bang my head against a few fucking walls!

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Wise people know that temporary solutions too often become semi-permanent drama infused tools of oppression.


Honestly, you would think military command would have realized by now that they need to, uh, communicate with the Iraqui people we're supposed to be liberating every once in a while. Like, maybe before they start walling off entire areas of cities?

Ay yi yi and a double helping of oy vey.

BigAssBelle said...

has there ever been a bigger disaster in this country's history? that the cretin george bush continues to occupy the white house and hold the troops and the citizens of this country hostage to his ego and his ass sucking of coporate america astounds me.

i blame the media, more than almost any other factor in this nightmare. the lack of an independent press is going to be the death of democracy. thank goddess for the internet or we'd just be buried in shit, taking our infopropagandotainment from the likes of wolf blitzer and bill o'reilly.

M A F said...

While my inititial thoughts were about the walling in of the Palestinians, I remember that some 60+ years ago in Europe that this crazy mother fucker decided to wall up the Jews into quaint little ghettos.

And we all know what happened to those folks...

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