Monday, April 23, 2007

A quick ACLU thank you...

A bitch is stressed with work and personal deadlines.


The one bright spot from this weekend was meeting a certain Rachel P. of the ACLU, who was kind enough to set up a chat with the fantabulous Jesselyn McCurdy. The ACLU was in St. Louis to…well, meet in St. Louis (wink) so a bitch was thrilled to get some one on one time!

Look for this bitch to post on the layered issues surrounding the federal crack cocaine law, why it’s not making our communities safer and what we can each do about it.

Thank you Rachel and Jesselyn!


BigAssBelle said...

um . . . what's the issue here, honey?

cocaine laws to deal with middle class+ white americans


crack cocaine laws to deal with young black men

the differential treatment of my juvenile parole kids based on race was pervasive throughout a system which purported to help them. it started in the early years, in child welfare, when children of color just didn't get quite the same attention or help. it continued through the diversion efforts and on into serious rehabilitation of serious delinquents. guess who went to kid prison and who went to real prison?

Anonymous said...

yes, the ACLU do a good job.

In any western criminal justice system, the black guy always draws the short straw.

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