Monday, April 02, 2007

Learning shit the hard way…

A bitch took some time off from all things computer related and concentrated on my officially fucked up lower right leg.

I have some to the conclusion that medical professionals may actually know what the hell they are talking about (wink)!

For example...

If a bitch doesn’t elevate my lower right leg…that temperamental motherfucker really will swell!

And if a bitch doesn’t rotate my ankle area…that motherfucker tenses up and gets stiff and basically does the ankle-based equivalent of telling this bitch to go fuck myself when I next attempt to use it.

Oh, and if I fail to “take it easy” and “give myself time to heal”…my body will punish my 'too quick to dismiss the expertise of others' ass (wince).

But this bitch has learned my lesson…the hard way, but fuck it all I learned it!

Thanks and showers of appreciation to everyone who has listened to me bitch (wink), assisted me in some way and sent advice/prayers/well wishes regarding my lower right leg-based drama.

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