Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Anticipating the O'Beirners...

Last night, even after several hours of ruthless discipline dealt out through the merciless rod of correction, this bitch was still unable to get Kate O’Beirne to read the latest study on the wage gap between men and women.

I always suspected that O’Beirne’s rancidity was up there with she who shall not be named because the mention of her makes the wee chil’ren cry…but O’Beirne’s resistance to correction was unanticipated!



Oh for the love of all bitchitude, I did not "spank" Kate O’Beirne last night…well, I did…cough…but it was during a rather exhausting session of dream-based correction.

Newish readers should know that a bitch’s dreams are just dreams and any ass whooping that takes place is…ummm, dream based and therefore not real!


Also, my official NSA monitoring buddy…I like to call him Hal (a bitch loves you like an incurable rash, son)… should make note of that too!


Anyhoo, my dream-based correction of O’Beirne was amazingly unsatisfying! I woke up pondering her ability to maintain that level of denial and the life that would sustain such a state.

See, this bitch read the news that a study conducted by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation found…gasp…a wage gap between men and women and I immediately thought that shit was the most obvious data dished out since the “revelation” that there are poor black people living in New Orleans.

But clearly the news that women make less than men for the same fucking work is…well, news to some people.
And some still seek to deny the fact of it.

Pause…narrow eyes…continue.

And this bitch resents the hell out of those Kate O’Beirnesque people!


Fuck it!

I resent the hell out of anyone who didn’t know that women make less than men fordoing the same shit!

I resent the Kate O’Beirners for their over paying bullshit spewing jobs that afford them the kind of income to support a state of denial about the gender wage gap.

Oh, it’s not that the Kate O’Beirners aren’t getting fucked over on the gender wage gap tip.

I suspect that they are.

No, it’s that fact that they are making “no need to question what other folks are making” money.

Mmmhmm, you know what I mean...so over the top when compared to their actual value that they can’t be bothered to fret about income equality much less validate that some of us are counting quarters and adding water to soup every time the price of gas goes up.

They probably haven’t looked at a co-worker’s new whatever-the-fuck-most-coveted-thing in envy which quickly evolves into “how much does that motherfucker make, anyway?” dismay in years…if ever.

Well fuck you in advance Kate O’Beirne and your followers!

Your denial of the validity of this report is as predictable as the gender wage gap one year out of college.


Saskia said...

Agggggghhhhh!!! Reading the salon.com article makes me scream.

What world does this woman live in?

Anonymous said...

I have a serious question here ... will someone tell me why corporations don't hire ONLY women seeing as how they can pay them less?

That said checkout today's article in the NYTimes' Business section "Wall Street Firm Will Settle Sex Bias Suit".

Jeffrey Ricker said...

I haven't finished reading the Salon article (because I fear it would make my eyes bleed and my blood boil if I read it too quickly), but the whole thing reminds me of these lyrics from a 1988 Laurie Anderson song:

"OK! OK! Hold it!
I just want to say something.
You know, for every dollar a man makes
a woman makes 63 cents.
Now, fifty years ago that was 62 cents.
So, with that kind of luck, it'll be the year 3,888
before we make a buck."

That's Laurie for you, telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have the fortitude to get through the article and, though I don't like to make it a practice to comment on things without full knowledge, A few paragraphs was enough for me to decipher that Ms. O'Bierne can "believe" and spout such crap because undermining feminism is about supporting classism. The denial of the wage gap is not about patriarchy in and of itself, but the classism that underlies patriarchy.

As O'Beirne herself kept asserting, she is a lawyer (privileged) and therefore, had the privilege to choose not to work. Those poor (working class, and educated-poor-working-class)women who do not have that choice do not exist in her universe. they are at the bottom where they belong and do not have a place in the debate.
That's the infuriating part. It's not all about choices. It's about people being denied choices.

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