Tuesday, April 03, 2007

For the love of money...

It is storming like crazy in St. Louis right now.

April showers are upon us, y’all!

This bitch is just grateful that I took my hair natural years ago, because this kind of humidity infused weather fucks up a straightened sassy bob hairstyle…big time!

Anyhoo, (fluffs afro and thanks the hair gods for tiny ringlet-based curls) a bitch is following the fundraising accomplishments of everyone running for the President.

Trust that a bitch is impressed!

Who knew that potentially potential Presidents could rustle up cash like that? I’ve been watching the dollars come in and…well, it make this bitch a wee bit quizzical.

Who the hell is donating all of this money?

What the fuck are these people buying?

Do they get pissed if the potentially potential President they dropped a load of cash on in March fizzles out by June?


Oh hell yes, this bitch would be beyond pissed!

Shit, for $26 Million dollars your ass had better win big…and I better get a seat at the head motherfucker in charge table when you do…and you’d better recognize that my money brought you into this dance and it can take you the hell out.


But I digress.

This bitch is undecided on who will get my vote.

As for the early leaders of the pack…well, this bitch has never been a trend whore.

When did the marathon turn into a sprint? Did a bitch blink and miss that shit?


Some of these candidates are way too popular and this bitch suspects they may have the political staying power of acid wash jeans.


Mmhmm, folks are going to wear the hell out of them…and then spend the rest of their lives denying they ever even heard of such a thing.

On a different campaign note...

Hey, Susie Flynn?

Give ‘em hell, lil bit!


Gunta said...

Way to go Susie....
I signed and sent to everyone in my address book.
Hope she makes it to the 9 mil.

ABB... thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

The only things CNN was covering yesterday were the totals raised by candidates and the totals at the weekend box office. It was all $$, all the time. Even the ticker.

I guess Anderson just needs another storm to chase.

BigAssBelle said...

i have been reading more and more on publicly funded campaigns and i am afraid that it's going to be necessary to make that change if we are truly going to have a democracy.

i am so sick of all of the money and power being concentrated in the hands of a bunch of sellout politicians and the corporations that feed them. we are axillary to the corporate machine in this country and it makes me sick. what makes me even more disgusted is the way folks just buy into it all.

with the exception of a few random acts of a few democrats, there is nothing that's done in our government that is not for the betterment of (a) the rich and (b) corporations and that does not come at the expense of the poor and middle class.

paranoid, paranoid, crazy as a loon. i sound like it but these are paranoid and crazy times.

all of this money scares the shit out of me. who owns these people before they've even been elected?

Anonymous said...

Of all those totals, I'm still stuck on stunned about Romney. Just stunned. And I've had intelligent people explain it to me, but it just doesn't compute how anyone at 3-4% in national polls gets 20 Million

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