Wednesday, April 04, 2007

By request, Law Students for Choice info....

A certain Jill requested that a bitch post this information.

Are you an ABB (wink) at a HBCU-affiliated law school? If so, please consider starting a chapter of Law Students for Choice. Law Students for Choice is an organization committed to a broad vision of reproductive justice which includes the right to birth, parent and be free of coercion in reproductive decisions.

Go to for more information.

Also, LSFC and partnering organizations are hosting trainings for 2007 summer interns in DC, New York and San Francisco. If you are interested in starting a chapter or attending the training contact them at or check out their web site for additional information!


Anonymous said...

I'm hosting the 13th Feminist SF Carnival on my new blog (only about a month old) and just put out the call for submissions
Since I'm such a nascent blogger I thought I'd to reach out to bloggers that I read regularly and see if they wouldn't mind mentioning and/or linking to my call for submissions. If it's against your policy or something along those lines that's completely fine. I just thought I'd put this out there because it doesn't hurt to ask.
Thanks very much.
Oh and if you can think of someone who would like to put this up please pass it along or send me their email address.

ChristopherM said...

I'm an AGB at UofL law school, and I'd LOVE to join such a group if someone else wants to be in charge...I've already gotten tricked into being co-chair of Lambda Law Caucus, and I'm not making that same mistake twice!

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