Monday, April 30, 2007

A Rage in Georgetown...

Happy Monday, chil’ren!

A bitch spent Saturday avoiding human contact.

Trust me, it was a good call.

But I emerged Sunday to attend A Tasteful Affair. A Tasteful Affair is a food-based fundraiser that benefits Food Outreach, which is an organization that makes sure folks with HIV/AIDS and cancer get nutritious meals!

There were so many fantabulous varieties of food…well, this bitch almost lost my appetite.

Almost (wink).

Congratulations to Food Outreach and all the volunteers and sponsors who helped make this event a yummified success!

Moving forward…

A Rage in Georgetown...
George Tenet emerged from his Georgetown lair and onto 60 Minutes last night to attempt…with a great deal of rage-based emotion, mind you…to spin his role in the Iraq War pre-conflict drama.

A word of advice, Georgie… when attempting to ease fears that the CIA might have tortured prisoners held in secret prisons one should not appear to have a rage management problem on the verge of resulting in stroke.

Mercy, a bitch feared for a certain 60 Minutes report’s life…more than once…more than twice!


So, Tenet is trying to say that he has been fucked over by Cheney…but a bitch isn’t buying it.

Don’t get me wrong…Dickie C. would just as soon shoot you in the face (duck, motherfucker!) as have your back in a strategy fight…blink…but Tenet, being the grown ass man that he is, wasn’t required to take all that bullshit.

The notion that Tenet was forced through some old school code of political honor (oh, puhlease!) to go with the flow and not call bullshit or resign fails the smell test…stinks on ice…where did all the flies come from?…mmmhmm, it’s bullshit!

That’s right…wait for it...oh, yes…we’ve got a healthy portion (500 pages give or take a few) of absolute bullshit on ice, y’all!

But hey, the display of barely controlled rage on 60 Minutes was entertaining…if you’re into that kind of cage fighting foaming at the mouth about to cut loose and water board you to within an inch of your life kind of rage.



Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh so hard that my dog started barking!

BigAssBelle said...

it's the kind of rage one would hope a patriot would feel watching his or her country being decimated by a band of lunatic criminals and thugs. that kind of rage, i can get behind. got it myself, right now.

but wait, not our boy george. boy george is all rageful and puffed up with self righteousness because he's got a book coming out and my oh my, won't the sales just shoot through the ceiling when he gets his mad on?

this is what i don't get about the other side: their self interest is so extreme and so destructive in the long run. yet in the end, they are going to suffer along with the rest of us. ain't enough money to buy you a new planet, to survive runaway inflation in an economy being wrecked by an absurd trade deficit, by the decimation of the middle and working classes.

one of them said to me the other day "WHY WOULD YOU VOTE DEMOCRATIC??? you own a business, why on earth would you vote for the democrats?" i can't think of a single one of these asshats i know and i know plenty, here in tulsa, who gives two shits about anyone else. it's me, my, mine, get out of my way. bastards, all of them. fuck these clowns.

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