Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Other F-Word...

Shall we begin?

A certain AF1 has emerged from service in Iraq with questions about why Anna Nicole Smith made the news whilst in-depth coverage of Iraq war casualties took a back seat.

First of all, welcome back home AF1! A bitch was fretting about you…and missing our comment-based debates (wink). I sincerely hope you have a fantabulous two weeks home, my friend!

The frenzified coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith story is an example of what this bitch likes to call bullshit. The public adores a distraction and really adores a 'thank Gawd, I’m not that fucked up' story-based distraction. But I am forever disappointed when tabloid stories lead ahead of real shit. This morning the news chat shows covered the lottery with breaking news that two people won...ahead of war news, the Libby verdict or the turbulent stock market.

It isn’t any wonder that Americans are out of touch with the numbers of wounded soldiers and their quality of care, much less the impact on families and communities.


But we sure as shit know that one of the lotto tickets was sold in Jersey.


Shoot this bitch an e-mail, AF1, and let me know how things are for you!

Moving forward…

The Other F-Word…
C-Money and this bitch held a news speculation soul-food party last might in honor of the Libby verdict. It was fantabulous! Smothered yummified goodness followed by vodka crans all consumed while watching some of the best political speculation on television bust loose in primetime.


Makes a bitch feel blessed to have lived long enough to witness the TiVo era.

Anyhoo, while dining on yellow cake….


Oh, come on now…of course there was yellow cake. Wilson might not have found it in Africa, but C-Money scored some at the Schnuck’s market on The Hill (wink).

So, I was consuming some yellow cake with chocolate icing and listening to Larry King interview just about everyone connected to the verdict when someone read off Vice President Cheney’s response to his former Chief of Staff’s conviction.

Something like ‘Scooter served the nation tirelessly and with great distinction’ followed by how disappointed he was and so forth.

It hit me that Cheney’s statement demonstrates the ever loving tragedy of this entire fiasco.

Scooter Libby didn’t serve his nation tirelessly.

He served his boss and the Bush administration tirelessly.

By his own admission he took a directive from Cheney to go after Wilson and ran with it…and then lied to the FBI about it…and then lied to a Grand Jury about it…and then spooned up piles of bullshit in court and defied a jury to consume it.

If Scooter Libby had been in "service to his nation" he would have gone after prooving the intelligence under question was accurate with the enthusiasm with which he went after Wilson for challenging it.

I’m insulted that anyone would attempt to brand an arrogant lawless thug a patriot…and I am dismayed that journalists remain hesitant to journey down the road of what might have been had the Bush Administration put half the effort behind verification that they put behind intimidation.

This bitch ain’t buying the Libby was just following orders spin.

Cheney might call that service, but a bitch calls it felonious.


Maya's Granny said...

As so often before, you have said what I feel so well. Served the nation, indeed.

Anonymous said...

This reader almost snarfed Diet Dr. Pepper all over his keyboard when he read that you and C-Money ate yellow cake...bless you, ABB!

Clio Bluestocking said...

Yellow cake: yummy and funny! That's great!

Meanwhile, some media critic, maybe it might have been Noam Chomsky, once said that we should beware of what is presented to entertain us because that just might be destracting us from what will anger us and move us to action. Shark-Fu, however, puts it much more succinctly.

May AF1 stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Loving the yellowcake cleverness also... but what I really want to know about the soulfood party is:

Was there strawberry pop?

And have you ever experimented to see whether the combination of strawberry pop and vodka results in some kind of soulfood-accompanying deliciousness?

christine mtm said...

yellow cake and chocolate icing is my FAVORITE!!!

do you think people are tired of real news and this is why the media inundates us with bs... or do you think the media thinks we are tired of real news and so they give us the bs?

or maybe it's some of both...

Anonymous said...

getting caught up.... back from ski vacation. Met my goal - broke a sweat without anything else.

So Libby was just following orders, eh? I'm sure on his appeal it will come out that some of his best friends are Liberals....

storm indigo said...

of course Cheney would say that Scooter served his nation tirelessly. What else can he say. The Bush Administration is all about the bullshit, intimidation and what I like to call the 'politcal martyr'. See, while Scooter gets his day in court, Cheney is not in court. Scooter takes the fall for the vicious bs that is called politics

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