Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The local link that continues to stink...

Okay, so a bitch watched Scooter B. give a sorta-press conference yesterday where he attempted to go off.


Oh, the press may be orgasmic about how mad he was but this bitch wasn’t feeling it. 41 gave good mad. Shit, I still recall spit flying when 41 went off about carping liberals and so forth. Sigh. Yeah 41 gave good mad. And Clinton did too…flushed faced, eyes glaring and finger pointing old fashioned mad.

But Scooter B. does mad awkwardly…too heavy on the dismissive monarch-esque disdain. It’s as if he can’t believe he has to answer to the masses…or to congress…or to anyone at all. That level of toddler-based ‘give me back my rattle’ anger will never make for good mad.

Anyhoo, Scooter B. was attempting to give good mad whilst defending his Attorney General. He was giving it his best…pissed off to high hell that his people may have to explain what the hell they’ve been doing while on the people’s dime.

Oh my!

And this bitch is very interested in the Missouri link to this shit storm. Our own state asshole in charge, Governor Blunt…son of Congressman Roy Blunt…was all worked up over whether his (Gov. Blunt) office was being investigated for alleged mishandlings in the license office. Something about fees, I believe.

The prosecutor who was investigating Blunt was Bud Cummins.

Bud Cummins was fired and replaced by a Bushie named Timothy ‘how can I make this all go away for you’ Griffin.

Which may or may not be criminal…but it sure as shit is of interest to this Missouri bitch who would like to know what the fuck went down.

Mayhap an e-mail from Governor Blunt’s office will surface and help me understand why his office feared an investigation in the first place.

Now, I’m not saying anyone did anything criminal…but when you see flies that size you’re usually near some shit.


Maya's Granny said...

And so many really large flies at that.

--Blue Girl said...

but it sure as shit is of interest to this Missouri bitch who would like to know what the fuck went down.

This redheaded bitch wants to know the god-damned score.

By the way, if you want to beat up on Matty B for his six-Suburban daily caravan from Springfield to JC that dumps a ton of CO2 into the atmosphere every fucking day, I did the math...and yes, I know, I most likely need professional help for this nerd affliction.

Stem cell research may be my only hope.

Enigma said...

I agree with you wholeheartely. I hope the rest of the American public gets this: this fool of a president is screaming and hollering and trying to protect folk that are on our dime and supposedly working for the government not just their party agenda. Remember civics ya'll, WE not the prez or congress- We are the govt. Maybe he is looking at the Libby fiasco and thinking oh sh*#.. Yeah I see the flies and know that bullshit is piling up.

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