Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Almost Smells Like Chocolate….

Thank y’all for the advice and warm words! A bitch appreciates the heck out of you all.

And it is better today.

On a much more bitchitude infused note…

Shall we?

Almost Smells Like Chocolate….
A bitch’s favorite documentary is the Watergate series produced by Discovery Channel. It’s old and my ass is fearful that the VHS will die on me like my beloved Ordinary People tape did last year…sob…but this is one of the best pieces on Watergate this Watergate obsessed bitch has ever seen.

Anyhoo, while watching Attorney General Gonzalez attempt to bob and weave through the political minefield that almost always results from using the weapons of government against one’s political enemies this bitch was immediately reminded of Nixon and Watergate and the purge of several Attorneys General.

If memory serves me right, Nixon wanted to get rid of Special Prosecutor Archie Cox because Archie was investigating…well, the crimes of the Nixon Administration.


Apparently Nixon’s Attorney General Elliot Richardson took the law a wee bit seriously and refused. Nixon insisted…Richardson resigned and was replaced by William Ruckelshaus.

Ruckelshaus refused…Nixon insisted…Ruckelshaus resigned and was replaced by the third in line none other than then Solicitor General Robert H. Bork.

Bork being Bork did the dance, fired Cox and went home having somehow managed to not issue orders to shut down the office of the Special Prosecutor which is why they continued their glorious work and uncovered all manner of illegal drama.

Lawd, these were not the brightest stars in the sky.

Anyhoo, Nixon and his minions tried to spin that purge as not politically motivated too.

Didn’t work out too well in the end, but Richardson and Ruckelshaus emerged as sympathetic figures believed to have held out for the rule of law in the face of Nixon’s criminal tendencies.


This emerging Attorney General scandal coupled with the fact that Gonzales appears to have the moral integrity of Bork (wince) is almost enough to make the Saturday Night Massacre smell like chocolate.



Maya's Granny said...

Somehow these folks never seem to have read history, to recognize that hubris always leads to unpleasantness. Ah, those who do not learn are doomed to repeat.

Ken Houghton said...

Bork has subsequently claimed that he, too, would have resigned, but was told to stay (I believe by Richardson, though possibly by Ruckelshaus) since the resignees knew that the pattern would otherwise continue and they wanted someone "reliable" in the position.

Clio Bluestocking said...

This administration is c. 1972 what with the war and the paranoia and the abuse of power and so forth.

Right on the money and cutting through the bullshit, as usual!

Anonymous said...

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