Friday, March 02, 2007

By request – A Bitchfirmation for Mark…

A bitch received an e-mail this morning from some soldiers who shall remain nameless (don’t y’all know that The Man is watching a bitch?) who wanted this bitch to know how much they enjoy my crazy ass blog.


A bitch has fans in the military...or did y'all think only conservative blogs were read over there?


Anyhoo, thank you for reading a bitch...however you manage to read a bitch.

It seems that a fellow soldier named Mark, who was wounded and is recovering back home in the states, is a St. Louis native.



Yes, you!

Are you paying attention?!?

Your pals thought you’d get a kick out of this bitch tossing you a get well soon bitchfirmation!

So, listen up Mark of the wounded but not broken…

Mend damnit!

Mend like you know you can.

For the love of all things incentive-based, St. Louis in the spring awaits you and you haven’t even seen the new ballpark yet!


Okay, you’ve probably got better incentives than that.

But shit, ain’t a physical therapy regimen been invented that you can’t handle!

Don’t you know who you are?

Rumor has it that you are and forever will be the shit.

Go on with your bad recuperating self!

Stay in touch…keep on keeping on…and know that you are appreciated by this liberal without shame working & praying towards an end to this war bitch!

Oh, and tell your pals they aren't slick and a bitch isn't sending any pictures.

Lawd, have mercy.



Maven said...

Support the Troops sure isn't a bumpersticker... it's a BATTLE CRY!

Get well soon, Mark!

Clio Bluestocking said...

Get better soon Mark! You were wounded. In a war. It don't get badder ass than that. Kick some recuperating butt! (And Shark Fu is the person to go to for bitchfirmation that will get you going in the morning.)

Anonymous said...

Yes m'am!

Thank you.

ChristopherM said...

Bitchfirmations landed me in the top 15% of my class after finals...a Bitch knows what she's doing with those, believe me! That shit works!

Mend fast, and much respect to you Mark.

TwinsGoddess said...

ABB, you rock.

Best wishes to you, Mark. Get better.

Maya's Granny said...

Mark, get well as soon as you can. And know that there are a lot of us here who appreciate you and support you and wish you well. You and all of your buddies.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts of healing to Mark and all the other wounded vets - may you all recover fully!

Anonymous said...

Mark and ABB,
I teach 6th grade, and my students just asked me this week if they could write letters and draw pictures as a class to one of the soldiers. I told them I would try to get an address of a specific soldier we could write to. Would Mark be interested in being the recipient of some 6th grade get-well cards and drawings?

storm indigo said...

much love and respect to Mark and all soldiers healing and coping. Get well and get on home, we're waiting for you all.

peace (in every sense of the word)

Rick Andreoli said...

This was amazing! I just showed it to my "twinkle toes" bros who are in the Marines (or the Maryannes as they call them) and it got them teary.

If they have to go back to Iraq, they feel good knowing they got a bitch (besides me) sending good thoughts to them!


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