Thursday, March 01, 2007


I’d like to thank Erin for bringing this horrific story to my attention.

A 12 year old child has died because of complications resulting from not having a tooth pulled.

Read this story…absorb it.

No one is going to argue about whether a 12 year old child has a right to life.

But I’ve sure as shit seen people argue about universal healthcare.

No one is going to argue about the tragedy of this death…about the shame of it happening in the United States of America.

But I’ve sure as shit witnessed argument upon argument here in Missouri over whether tossing thousands…and let me repeat that, thousands…of Missourians off Medicaid was wise or unforgivable in the face of the human cost.

God forgive us for speaking about budgets when a damned fool could see that preventative medicine costs society much less than emergency care.

The uninsured are Americans. They are children, disabled people and the elderly. They are the working poor that are so easily ignore despite their contributions to society.

I happen to think everyone deserves that culture of life I hear so much about.

Deamonte Driver died last week from an abscessed tooth.

If you pray please lift this child and his family up in prayer.

May this death not be in vain.


Maddy said...

Foreigners shouldn't be allowed to criticize political decisions of the biggest democracy in the world, but at the same time, using the system of 'insurance' in the wealthiest country in the world where X% of the population are going to get 'ill,' is frankly, bizarre.
Best wishes

Maya's Granny said...

I am always amazed that some folks are so willing to fight for the unborn and let the born die for lack of medical care.

And these same folks, if he had lived, would have tried to recruit him to fight in one of their wars.

Anonymous said...

This story makes me heartsick. . . .
And sick--of a careless government, monolithic
bureaucracies and the lack of common sense
and decency in a country that is supposed to be
by the people and for the people. . . .

more cowbell said...

I was talking to my own son (14) when I saw this news story, and it was like a punch in the gut. My son didn't understand how this could HAPPEN -- here. It's shameful, it's ludicrous.

The UNICEF report on child welfare just came out last month, ranking 21 of the world's wealthiest countries. The US ranked at the bottom. At the bottom, with all our resources, and all our talk about being a world leader.

We need universal health care in this country, people. This little boy's death is inexcusable.

christine mtm said...

o good, God, be with this family and make this tragedy shake some sense into us. Amen.

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