Friday, March 16, 2007

Ahh, Friday...

Thank Gawd Friday has come!

Miss SistahGirl Cabrio is currently undergoing mirror-based surgery at The Dean Team of Kirkwood. Bless them for calling to tell this bitch that she’ll be released today!


This bitch needs my ride, y'all!

Theo the Baymaster is doing very well. Betsey the sorta-beagle and Mr. Theo have almost bonded. They sleep on the couch together…like to go outside to sun themselves together…but every now and then Betsey pounces on his hound ass to show him who the boss of beagletude is ‘round these parts.

Moving forward…

Nikki Giovanni is coming to town and this bitch is too excited!

The St. Louis Public Library is presenting Authors @ Your Library…and Nikki G. will be at Central Monday 3/19/2007 at 7 pm.

Trust that a bitch shall be there too.

Nikki Giovanni will discuss Acolytes, a collection of 80 new poems.
Hell yes!

The event is free…free, chil’ren…and folks should call 314-206-6779 for more information.


TwinsGoddess said...

Ms. Betsey just needs to make sure that the new kid doesn't forget she was there first.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Mikey's got bowling that night, so I'm down for an evening of poetry. If you like, I'll drive so that Miss SGC can enjoy her recuperation.

CP said...

Your town is full of so much culture rich activity. Mine is full of rednecks. Sighs.


Maya's Granny said...


You haven't posted in a few days. Are you sick or just busy? I hope, busy with fun stuff.

I miss you when you don't write.

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