Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Let the dance begin...

Okay, this bitch is having the hardest time keeping up with this firing of prosecutors story!

The latest is that Justice is attempting to paper the White House in a freakish revival of Nixon’s transcription fiasco from hell.


A bitch must admit that my ass would be beyond tickled if a bunch of expletive deleted censored notations were exposed!


Oh come on now, a bitch is willing to bet Harriet Miers has a serious potty mouth (wink).


They have denied…and then lied…and then revealed that they hadn’t intended to reveal what they revealed the way they revealed it…and then lied…followed by a massive attack of document diarrhea.

Oh but wait…it gets better!

Breaking news is breaking…ugh…that Rove and Miers will be “allowed” to testify before congress.

Just as long as they don’t have to do so under oath.

Nice...very nice...almost as good as sending over a tape with 18 minutes missing.

But I thought members of the Bush Administration had their left hand surgically attached to the Bible.


Do they fear the arm of the law…the evil light of reality…or the vengeance of a wrathful Gawd that will strike them down in the courtroom like the lie spewing souless minions from hell that they are!

Oh my.

What an amazing visual.

Fuck it all, a bitch is going to have to TiVo C-SPAN…


Peregwyn said...

TPM Muckracker has been covering the US Attorney purge for some time now. They have a nice timeline up (U.S.A. Scandal Timeline) and a page devoted to all the posts they have made about it (U.S. Attorneys).



Clio Bluestocking said...

"Just as long as they don’t have to do so under oath." Isn't that almost like giving them permission to lie?

Oh, yeah, Harriet Miers can cuss like a sailor!

--Blue Girl said...

Hello from a pre-menopausal, pissed off redhead in Kansas City.

I am part of a team blog that spun off from Political Animal called Watching Those We Chose. An attorney that I managed to talk into throwing his lot in with us has been doing a damn fine job of staying on top of this and actually explaining all that right-brained stuff in a succinct manner that my left-brained self can get her head around.

more cowbell said...

Whew, glad to find out I'm not the only one having trouble wrapping my brain around that whole thing. I'm going to check out these links. After I amuse myself contemplating Harriet's pottymouth.

Anonymous said...

Bush and all connected to him irk me to no end. How dare they assume that they can testify without being under oath. It flies in the face of the entire judicial system. And the fact that they fell entitled to even name their own terms under which they will comply. They don't get to name their own terms! If the sumpreme court allows this they should all return their robes immediately because they will have essentially dismantled the judiciary and fired themselves. The courts will no longer be necessary or viable. They are already systems used to perpetuate racism. They already lack credibility. If they go this far the render themselves powerless and arcane.

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