Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The right stuff?

A bitch caught the Today Show this morning and was disturbed by how they chose to cover the astronaut diaper alleged kidnapping incident story.


I certainly understand the…um, appeal...cough…of the story. A woman who is an astronaut drives 900 miles while wearing a diaper (daaaaaaammmn) to allegedly confront/kidnap/kill her sorta but may not actually be however if she thought of her as one that may make sense of it all romantic rival.


There was no way in hell that shit was going to get overlooked…a bitch understands that.

But the story was enough…the diapers alone were going to get you an audience, people! Y’all didn’t have to lace the segment with fucked up linkages of class, mental illness and female unhappiness.

Walk with me for a spell on this one, chil’ren.

Matt Lauer expressed that the nation is shocked and confused about why a woman who is smart, successful, man on woman married and the mother of three (a set of twins, for the love of Gawd and a teen too) would loose her mind. What that says is that education and a traditional family life are vaccines against depression, mental illness and just loosing your Gawd damned mind.

And that, faithful flock of bitchitude, is bullshit.

If I had a dollar for every multiple degree having, man on woman married and perky perfectly pressed elite pre-school attending children having women I know who have dealt with depression…mental illness…or just loosing their Gawd damned minds this bitch would own General Electric and thus NBC (oh, the power!).


But she’s intelligent and she’s an astronaut!

Oh, come on now.

Is she human?

Well, okay then!

Wealth, education and man on woman sanctified child having marriage don’t have shit to do with who has a mental illness (gasp).

Mental illness is not a punishment or the wages of sin (gasp again).

And, for the record, this bitch finds it fascinating that the press is so fucking certain this astronaut is or was mentally ill.


Oh fuck it, for all we know she was sober and perfectly sane. We don’t know her life! For the record, smart people do and say dumb ass shit all the time.


The Today Show even had the audacity to bring in a psychologist to discuss what in the name of Gawd could possibly have driven such a blessed human being to do something so fucking stupid. He was great...really helped a bitch grasp the complexity of intelligent people getting caught up in primitive emotions and giving in to primal urges.

Weren’t we just talking about smart people saying and doing dumb ass shit?


Fuck it.

A bitch is going to lunch with the hopes that some very intelligent married mother of three doesn’t decide to get her primitive on and indulge in those primal urges at Walgreens.


ParisL0ve2 said...

Don't you just love how the media is trying to make it out like this woman is a mental case?

Yesterday and today CNN was going so far as to blame it on SPACE.

Love the blog by the way!! I just came across it, and I'm definitely going to be checking it out!!

Anonymous said...

well said! I thought the same thang. who is exempt from steppin' off the edge?

Foobar said...

"But she’s intelligent and she’s an astronaut!"

that's it in a nutshell, exactly.

cwilcox said...

Shark Fu, The coverage is overwhelming. My bet is Cheney-Burton drugged her coffee to make her susceptible to some new fangled suggestive bad behavior weapon in an attempt to make her dive off the deep end and distract us from Scooter and Dickey’s un-induced bad behavior trial! ...Hey, it could happen!

~Macarena~ said...

I read a story that played her for laughs, even calling her "wacky." It's like it's okay for women to be violent, because a woman's actions can't be taken seriously. I guess she uses pepper spray "like a girl."

Deoridhe said...

I have to admit, I seriously wonder if the media would have jumped on it with quite so much fervor if it were a pale skinned, male astronaut. I seem to recall some "behavior irregularities" on the part of some of the aforementioned, but I'm not sure how much coverage they got.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

Well, I just found you via Capitol Annex and you are the solid truth.

Please, any woman, one in space or one in East Waco can have a bad day. She should, however, have had a talk with the man in the love triangle.

Between Matt Lauer and Anderson Cooper's assessment making fun of mental illness, depression, and Gawd what do women want and when they have it all they don't want it, I needed a serious drink.

Peace to you, although you know we won't have any of it.

AOB said...

Emotional, Mental and Behaviour irregularities caused by one koochie distressed female moron.

In a nutshell...

Anonymous said...

Yep, we are all ruled far more by our emotions that we want to admit. Every one of us, no matter how intelligent, educated, wealthy, or whatever.

Bunch of apes, we are!

Love your blog - gonna visit more now that I have found you from a diary on DailyKos.

BigAssBelle said...

i love a bitch! i just found you through huntington by way of

Oh fuck it, for all we know she was sober and perfectly sane. We don’t know her life! For the record, smart people do and say dumb ass shit all the time.

no shit. my very own perfect educated man on woman married three children having mother went psycho as did so many women of her era. it's nothing new. now. could we talk about a war? about a corrupt administration?

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