Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy President’s Day, chil’ren

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

A film for you to see…
C-Money and I watched Street Fight and it was fantabulous! It’s a documentary about the 2002 Newark New Jersey mayoral race and let me tell you, that race informs the Obama “He’s clean, but is he black enough?” sorta-debate…big time!

A bitch gives it 4 1/2 out of 5 1973 blow-out afros!

Moving forward…

A certain Courtney sent a bitch an e-mail wanting to know if I’ve weighed in on the Anna Nicole Smith drama and, if so, when/where because he wouldn’t want to miss it.

Hey Courtney!

No, a bitch has not weighed in…but since you asked.


Let’s see…I’m not shocked (oh, please), surprised (girl, stop!) or mournful (we were not close).

I’m not even achieving schadenfreude with this shit.

However, a bitch is fascinated by the media’s reaction to this shit. Did y’all catch the three hour…ummm, breakthrough…cough…of the breaking news that some judge signed the embalming order?


Watching the media go after this story has been an education, chil’ren.

For real!

Get this…the press knows how to ask questions (gasp) and even hunt up leads.

Who the hell knew?

Hell, if pre-war intelligence had been the demise of a marginally celebrated former almost-famous person…if WMD had been the search for that baby’s daddy…we’d have gotten it all out in the open (love you like a menstrual cramp, Paula Zahn!) a whole lot sooner!


And as for Brittany Spears...there are no words. The last time a bitch shaved off all my hair I scored my clippers at Target, which is what Ms. Spears would have done too if getting rid of her hair had been the real goal.


Hey, maybe Paula Z will do an indepth report!

Faux Blond Celebrity Hair Shavings - Art or Poison?

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christine mtm said...

i lived in newark, nj in 1996 (the year it was rated the most violent city in america it was probably the most corrupt city then too.) i should watch the movie...

as for anna nicole... i wound up having a conversation with a cashier the other night about it. she had a paper with a great big head-line: "WAS IT MURDER?" on the counter and i mentioned that i really felt sorry for her. she said the article mentioned that it was drugs that killed her then she said but people die of over-doses every day. how crazy is it that the media gives her story so much attention and forgets all the rest?

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