Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Black History Month, chil’ren!

A bitch would like to extend a special thank you to Senator Joe Biden (Joey B. to this bitch…we’re not close, but we could be since a bitch is clean) who was kind enough to remind everyone why Black History matters.


…when he stuck his foot firmly down his throat within hours of announcing that he too craves the power of the Presidency.


Biden went off…on tape (ouch, motherfucker)…about his opponents while Senator Obama was treated to the standard ‘he talks so well’ with a dash of ‘and he’s clean too’ thrown in.

Okay, let me get this right. Edwards warranted a ‘he has no idea what he’s talking about’…Hills got a ‘that’s a dumb idea’ or ‘that’s stupid thinking’ or some other dismissive comment.


He speaks well and he’s clean.

Frowning…hard…the kind of frown that makes folks cross the street swiftly whilst clutching their bags.

Senator Obama was kind enough to clarify that several African Americans have run for President and that they are all articulate and well groomed (for the love of Gawd). But even he left out my fellow Brandies University alum, the fantabulous Angela Davis.


Further demonstrating the need for a year long incorporation of the history of the African in America in all educational plans.

For the record, Sister Davis ran for President in 1980 and 1984. Oh and she was, is and forever will be clean…soul sistah clean, if you know what I mean (wink).

Talk about kicking Black History Month off with some relevance for the masses.



J said...

Oh, the indignity of the whole thing just pisses me off no end. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Great post. You're one brilliant bitch. Just thought you'd like to know that. Then again, I'm sure you already did know. ;)

Clio Bluestocking said...

Yep, that was some old school (and no-so-old school), without-a-clue, white paternalist idiocy. Then, he tried to apologize, and just put the other foot in his mouth. I bet some of his best friends....

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

I got to meet and listen to Angela Davis speak when I was attending UC San Diego. This wasn't when she was a grad student there (sometime in the mid-60s), but about the time "it all went to hell when Reagan was elected President." ('79-'81 timeframe)

I might be mistaken, but think she ran for VP not president then again she may have been running as a co-president. Hey, I was wasted between working my tail off to pay for college, the unbelievable class load from UCSD, and trying to get in my beach time aka the three "S"es Sun, Surf, Smoke.

Maven said...

Speaking of Joey B's "hoof in mouth" disease... here's a podcast from one of the radio shows I enjoy, where the topic of Obama's "cleanness" is discussed.

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