Monday, February 12, 2007

Fair Harvard holds sway...

Well, it seems that ten thousand men...and women...of Harvard got their historic vict'try on yesterday (wink).

Harvard has named a woman to their Presidency!


Harvard has named a woman who was a teacher to the Presidency.

Even better.

Go on with your Crimson selves!


Clio Bluestocking said...

Even better, she is a Women's Historian!

Anonymous said...

I understand that this is extremely random...

Well, not totally.

But I recently applied to Simon's Rock. I'm a black female, 15 years of age, and I was wondering... oh no... I'm in a transition phase from natural to relaxer... what would I possibly do with my hair?

So, I googled it (google has the answers for everything, of course). And your blog came up.

I'm not exactly sure which class you were at Simon's Rock, and if you want, you can completely ignore my request, or at least just say you don't want to take the time to answer it...

But, from your perspective, what was it like being a black female on campus?

And did you mainly just rely on your peers for hair troubles?

If you just comment on your blog, I'll check back, and answers would be EXTREMELY appreciated. It's hard to find resources on all of your questions (but I'm trying. I really am)

Shark-Fu said...

I am from the class of 1990 (The Rock goes by entering year) and was only there for one year.

It has changed a lot, from what I've heard.

Simon's Rock was academically amazing. I felt challenged by my fellow students and teachers. Socially, it was like most elite educational joints. Not a lot of diversity and the drama that comes with that.

But I will say this...I left Simon's Rock a changed person enthusiastic to learn. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

No, it wasn't easy to be a black woman on campus...but it never is, is it?

It is rural, but I'm pretty sure you can hook your hair up within driving distance.

Best of luck and please feel free to e-mail me at angryblackbitch at yahoo dot com!

Anonymous said...

Best of all? An alumna of my wonderful women's college!

As I keep telling people: Go to Harvard? Nah, no thanks - we'd rather RUN Harvard.

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