Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cold enough for a polar bear army...

It’s bitter cold outside…too cold…cold enough to freeze spit midair.


Jumping right in with frozen fingertips…

A bitch has been pondering the current drama between Iran and the United States and I have come to the conclusion that I need to take to my bunker.


Follow me on this one.

Scooter B. (President Bush for the uninitiated) and his minions cooked up the case for war with Iraq…and then got the okay for the war they asked for...only to find no WMD or links between Iraq and Al Qaeda…and ended up with the war they failed to anticipate.

Pause…sip water...continue.

The press, eager to leave behind their own gleeful embracing of all things flawed and pre-war intelligence related, then began to question the intelligence community…which resulted in several overhauls performed by the same people who cooked the books in the first place. So, the press barked some more and have basically spent the past year working their way with painful once bitten twice shy caution to the conclusion that (gasp) they might have been mislead (shudder) by the most glaringly (wince) flawed case for war since the Gulf of Tonkin incident (ouch).


Those who voted for Bush are now either willing to follow him into the vengeful fires of backlash hell or are coming down with a case of IDidn’tVoteforthatSonofanIdiot-itus.

Those who voted for the war resolution are either coming clean on the fact that they should have held out for further clarification and…well, maybe some facts. Or they are trying to condemn the execution of the war whilst still defending their vote to authorize the war as if several of their political colleagues hadn’t denounced the case for war at the time of that oft regretted vote.


So here I am, a bitch who would like to believe that those driving the bus have a clue but who knows that in reality these folks can’t read maps and they installed the navigation system but, true to form, they burned the manual then outed the people who know how to use it to punish their huuuuuusbands for daring the question the very shit that everyone should have been questioning!


Iran may or may not be sending weapons over the border to Iraq…which means that they may or may not be provoking an escalation…and they may or may not be a direct threat…so we may or may not want to address that shit.

Russia, our ally in World War II turned enemy during the Cold War…turned ally and close trusted friend during Scooter B’s first term in office…only to become that friend you don’t trust alone with your wallet during Scooter B’s second term…yeah, that Russia…has decided to get its Cold War back on. A bitch is willing to bet this means they don't wanna be friends anymore.

Shit has moved past the mockable stage, chil’ren! Real shit may or may not be going down…and we may or may not need to address it!

But we have no idea…not really…not after the great “trust me…ooops, my bad” scandals of the past 6 years.

And here we are…possibly, maybe, but no one can say for certain on the brink of fucking up again…or maybe not.

Possibly, maybe…but no one wants to make the call this time, since just about everyone is running for president or thinking about it.

Gawd, we're facing a new arms race when I’ve barely had enough time to enjoy the end of the previous one.


You assholes!

You killed off my Pax Americana in less than a decade!

Damn you...damn you to hell!

Pulls self together.

A bitch is gonna work on my bunker...and find a way to raise up a polar bear army!


There's angry...and then there's polar bear angry.

Shit, someone should get some joy out of this deep freeze...


Ancrene Wiseass said...

Yeah, and the polar bears are especially angry now that we've been drowning them with global warming.

On another note: ABB for President!

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

The worst thing about the Iraq situation is how no one care to take Bush and Blair to court.

Now We all now that they new that there was no WMD over there.

So attacking Iran could be the main factor.

But turning to the first paragraph, it is menacing how the so called international coalition (USA and CEE and their ass lickers) are only concerned about their own interests. And can kill thousands to maintain to put the status in the quo.

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