Thursday, February 01, 2007

Announcing a Bitch’s Campaign!

A bitch is announcing that I am a candidate for President of the United States of America!



Shit (wink).

Okay, I’m not running for President.

But I do have a campaign!

As some of you know, February is my birthday month…and my blog anniversary month…and a bitch celebrates my birth all month long (ain’t no party like a Shark-fu party ‘cause a Shark-fu party don’t stop!!).

Last year several folks asked me what I wanted…as in presents…which was very nice of y’all, but a bitch would appreciate something a wee bit different.

I have decided to kick off a fundraising campaign in support of one of my favorite organizations, PROMO. PROMO is Missouri’s statewide LGBT equality organization and they do fantabulous work. In the current political climate and with so many folks distracted by all things Presidential, a bitch is concerned that organizations like PROMO will get lost in the donation shuffle.

Trust a bitch, PROMO’s work benefits everyone in Missouri…everyone. Employment and civil rights protections, anti-bullying protections in our schools and parenting rights…threaten the civil rights of one and you threaten the civil rights of everyone.

Whew, don’t get me started (wink)!

Anyhoo, I don’t need presents but a donation will help PROMO and thus help an organization I am proud to be a member of and support. Every dollar counts and is appreciated.

This campaign will be up for the entire month of February. Check out this link... donate directly to PROMO through my special campaign page.

Oh, and a bitch’s birthday is February 22...shit, I'm going to be 34 years old!

Lawd have mercy!

Thanks and toodles!


Clio Bluestocking said...

Aw, you had me all excited: I would vote for you for president.

Anonymous said...

Go on and run, Little Sister. But if you run we have to know - are you clean?

jeem said...

I'm with Clio Bluestocking - I'd vote for you for President. Plus, you'll *just* be old enough to hold office.

Actually, no: I'd only vote for you if you pledge to make Stevie Wonder the Secretary of FINE Arts.

J said...

What a great idea! I love your fundraising campaign. Maybe I'll try that next year, for my birthday. As it is, I'm going to go check out PROMO right now, see what I can see...

ChristopherM said...

I would not vote for you to be president, but only because I think it is beneath you. I'm thinking something more along the lines of empress.

Speaking of which, I hear y'all have yourself a new chapter of the Imperial Court system there in St. Louis. You should check them out...those queens in other cities do good work and can drink a bitch under the table without getting a wig hair out of place.

Camera Obscura said...

Happy Birthdays, all 28 of 'em!

Shavita said...

That is a big "hell yes" on the PROMO. When Bailey and I lost our summer contracts because of a bit of discrimination, PROMO stepped in and helped us get the attention of a larger organization that is fighting for us. Yea, Promo!

Anonymous said...

Please do run! President of Board of Aldermen at least. We need an Alderbitch to take charge! There is another Mill Creek Valley in works by Slay-BJC-Blairmont and no one cares about the little people of the northside.

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