Monday, April 24, 2006

Al Franken is coming to town...

Al Franken and crew are going to be in St. Louis tomorrow.

This bitch’s invitation must have been misplaced…the e-mail address is angryblackbitch@... oh, fuck it.

Trust that a bitch knows where my ass sits on the liberal invite list and it is not in the 'must send' column...yet (wink).

Honestly, a bitch is grateful. On top of being bloated and puffy, this bitch is in the midst of a hormonal breakout and allergy cough fest from hell. Lawd, makeup has limits...even MAC!

Anyhoo, this bitch will certainly tune in and catch the show…while inhaling vanilla flavored frozen custard from Ted Drewes topped with hot fudge and multitudes of Smarties…all washed down with a vodka cran or two!

Ah, heaven...


air_force1 said...

It is too bad that I will miss Mr. Franken but unfortunately I am painting my cyclone fence and then watching it dry. Shucks.

Hammer said...

I feel like I just a read a commercial...are you trying to kill me?



GayProf said...

Lawd, makeup has limits...even MAC!

No, I refuse to accept this. It can't be true -- It just can't be!

spotted elephant said...

I was born and raised in St. Louis.

I'm sitting here, miserable because of my allergies and asthma, and your mention of Ted Drewes almost made me cry (but in a good way!).

Please, double that frozen custard and enjoy one for me.

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