Monday, February 28, 2011

The joy of walking the walk…

Good Gawd, ‘tis Monday.


Oh well, I’m still fired up from this weekend’s activities…specifically, from the St. Louis Walk for Choice event that happened Saturday.

Last week I noticed a ton of messages posted about Walk for Choice events in cities all over the country. I kept hoping to see St. Louis on the map, but as of Wednesday it wasn’t there. This bitch was exhausted from a week spent preparing to lobby, lobbying, and then preparing for and participating in a town hall meeting.

I just couldn’t rustle up the energy to even think about pulling a walk together my damn self.

But I didn’t have to…

…because a first time organizer stepped up and pulled the St. Louis Walk for Choice together for all of us!

When I saw the message that St. Louis was walking Saturday I damn near cried.

And when I showed up at MoKaBe’s Saturday morning and met the fantabulous organizer and my fellow walkers…well, I got a much needed emotional boost.

It wasn’t a huge group, but we lacked in numbers we made up for in enthusiasm.  We were welcomed along the way by folks blasting their horns in support and waving their fists through car windows.

After we were done I drove home and let it all sink in.

Regular folks from my community came together to show their support for their community health care provider…to shout their outrage over the proposed cuts to proven programs that serve the people…and to be encouraged knowing that they are not alone.

I needed the hell out of that.

Many thanks to the organizers who put the walk together and to my fellow St. Louisans who came out and walked the walk!


Mark said...

Yeah Saint Louisans! Angry people all over the world are showing that they are not gonna take it from their rulers any longer! I love it. What an exciting time to be alive.

How's your brother holding up? You haven't mentioned him in a while.

Shark-Fu said...

Hey Mark! I need to post re: my brother - he is well but a lot has happened. Be well!

Lincoln said...

Hey SHarkfu...

I caught up with the Seattle Walk on my way home and walked downtown with them. I have to say, it was the quietest protest I've ever been part of!

I don't know if folks hadn't had enough coffee yet, or if it was just too cold out. But the folks in front would try to start chanting, and it would just fade right out.

But, the important thing is that we were there. I didn't go down for the ally, cause I was still recovering from being ill. But it was good to have a chance to go.

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