Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More than a little jealous...

Many thanks for all the fantabulous birthday wishes!

Let’s jump right on in.

I went to Jefferson City yesterday to get my lobby on in support of legislation that would put prevention first and establish programs that prevent unplanned pregnancies, protect the rights of consumers at pharmacies, and return comprehensive sex education to Missouri schools.

Background – I’ve told y’all that, in many ways, Missouri is still fighting the Civil War. Well, during the Civil War the Missouri legislature took control of the St. Louis city police department away for fear that the pro-Union city would muster against the pro-Confederate mid-Missouri region. State government has controlled the police department since then…and they get to make decisions on behalf of the city with limited input from the city. The city has been trying to get control back for years, but they face opposition from the police who fear the city would not protect their pensions…and from Missouri lawmakers who apparently fear that the city of St. Louis could still get our muster on against the pro-Confederate mid-Missouri region.

Anyhoo, the House was voting on a bill to restore local control of the police to St. Louis city and, well...I found myself more than a little jealous of the city of St. Louis.

And the chorus asked… “What the hell are you talking about, Fu?  Why would you be jealous of St. Louis city?”

And a bitch replied… “I’m so glad you asked!!”

This bitch is more than a little jealous of the city of St. Louis because I’ve witnessed more passion, support, and firedupedness from legislators and residents for the right of the city to make decisions on its own behalf than I see from those same people for the right of women to do the same motherfucking thing!

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

The argument, in many ways, is the same – that it is insulting for the state to say the city is incapable of making decisions about the police, that it is inefficient and illogical for folks who don’t have to deal with the ramifications of decisions to have the power to make those decisions, and that the city knows what is best for its damn self.

And yet…that’s exactly what those same members do on a regular basis regarding women’s healthcare, access to birth control, and access to the full range of reproductive health care services.

Yesterday the Missouri House voted overwhelmingly to restore local control of the St. Louis city police department to St. Louis city…with a veto-proof majority that sends a strong message to Governor Nixon and the Missouri Senate.

Would that the people of Missouri could say the same about legislation filed to restore comprehensive sex education to our schools, protect consumers who seek to fill prescriptions for contraceptives at pharmacies, and protect access to reproductive health care.


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Anonymous said...

Hey SF, I'm kinda craving some ABB solidarity for workers and students in Madison, WI, right now. I'm fairly surprised you haven't weighed in on it yet. Spread the word, and the love.

This is coming from someone fighting the good fight, and relishing finally having something to fight for.


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