Friday, February 11, 2011

It takes more than a giant gavel to herd cats…

This has been quite a week!

Let’s jump right on in.

Speaker Boehner is learning that it takes more than a giant gavel to herd cats.

The new kids on the block are proving that they can say no…over and over again…and that they are more than willing to embarrass the hell out of the not so leaderly leadership.

Hell, they’re scoring political points by embarrassing the not so leaderly GOP leadership! 

It looks like the only thing GOP Congresspeople can agree is that they just ADORE denying women access to reproductive healthcare.

Cutting their own health care?

Not so much.

***rolls eyes***

Tea Party House members rebelled and killed an extension of several provisions within the Patriot Act.

And then conservatives within the party thumbed their noses at an attempt to get some money back from the United Nations.


Now Speaker Boehner is laying out plates of fresh tuna in the form of massive budget cuts in hopes that the cats will get their glut on and then fall in line!


The GOP leadership in the House is proposing $100 billion in budget cuts…immediate cuts on both domestic programs and defense spending.

Not because that’s the right move to make right now.

Not because those cuts are going to result in the stimulation of anything other than the already massive Tea Party ego.

Uh, uh…no, no and no…these immediate cuts are being proposed to appease the rebels within the GOP flock.


Boehner’s gigantic gavel?

Still big as hell.

Leadership…sound governing…a fucking legislative agenda?

Methinks that walked out the back door when those who adore tea walked through the front door.

Cats are scurrying all over the damn place…and rumor has it they turned the GOP legislative plan into a litter box and told Speaker Boehner to put his fucking gavel to use and get to scoopin’!



dinthebeast said...

Seriously, that thing looks like a croquet mallet. I thought he was supposed to be a golfer. Kinda reminds one of just how skilled Nancy Pelosi is at this sort of thing. If she said she had the votes, those votes happened. Every damned time. Maybe I should be glad that he sort of sucks at his job if it means less of the garbage they have been proposing actually gets passed.

-Doug in Oakland

the bewilderness said...

I suspected that the House would go back to its old wild and woolly ways when Pelosi passed the gavel.
Sure enough.
Although I must say that most majority leaders, even in the wackiest of days gone by, knew how to count the votes before the bill was offered.

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