Wednesday, March 02, 2011

They opened their mouths and waves upon waves of stupid came flooding out…

If you follow a bitch on the Twitter, you already know that I spent yesterday morning listening to the Missouri Senate.

Specifically, I listened as a gang of Republican Senators pandered to those who adore tea through what has to be the worst mini-filibuster I’ve heard since the last mini-filibuster I heard while listening to the Missouri Senate.

They don’t want Missouri to accept additional funds from the federal government that would allow the state to extend unemployment benefits.

Thousands of Missourians are unemployed.

Many of those folks are about to hit a hard as hell wall.

Our federal government voted to send more unemployment funds to states so we can meet those needs.

That money has been appropriated for that purpose.

Refusing the funds will NOT return them to some mystical pool of funds that the Federal government will then use to pay off our debt to China.

And yes, that’s the kind of ig’nant as hell bullshit a gaggle of Republican Senators said yesterday while wasting the people’s time to kick unemployed people in the gut area.

The head ass in charge of this public display of stupid is Senator Lembke.

He was joined by minions Sen. Nieves (R-Washington) and Sen. Rob Schaaf (R-St. Joseph). 

Together they ranted about how unemployed people are lazy…unemployment benefits encourage the unemployed to stay unemployed…unemployed people have enslaved employed people by taking unemployment benefits…unemployed people need some tough love so they will be inspired to go out there and just get a job...and blah, blah and another blah.


They went on and on about how GREAT the Senate is because Senators can talk about whatever they want for as long as they want and block the horror of accepting federal money to help the unemployed. 

Oh, and by the way – no one in their districts wants Missouri to accept this money, they’re sure of that.

They laughed and cajoled…ranted and pontificated…and ultimately stalled movement on the legislation.

When fellow Republican state Senator Mayer stood up to challenge, of the snotty knaves sarcastically called him compassionate and then went on to claim the federal fund would be sent back to China.  He finally admitted that he had no idea where the funds would go if Missouri refused to take them.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

All in all, this theatrical mess highlighted the callous disregard these state Senators have for their unemployed constituents…their complete ignorance over how unemployment funds work…their general wish to score political points with the conservative fringe on the people’s time…and the tragic limits of their vocabulary.

My heart bleeds for their constituents, particularly for their unemployed constituents who should know after yesterday that none of these state Senators gives a flying shit about them.  

Hell, these state Senators think they are liberating working constituents from bondage!

As for working on legislation that may actually help Missouri’s economy…well, clearly that shit isn’t half as fun as mocking unemployed Missourians.

Hooray for the Senate!



Roderick said...

I guess these Rethugs haven't gotten the memo that employers have eliminated those who are currently unemployed as potential employees because according to them the fact that you got fired means that you were excess and why should they waste time weeding out the currently unemployed when the previous employer already has.

Also on the do-not-apply list are those with poor credit scores( proably those who are also qualify as the long-term unemployed) and smokers.

I see Americans taking to the streets sooner than later.

Ryan Hauck said...

Are you sure you weren't listening to the SC Legislature? Because the arguments sound DAMN familiar.

Anonymous said...

My last paying W2 job was April 1994. I can't buy a job with the skill set I have but I can do consulting work that allows me to really make a comfortable living. I have no unemployment to get or to lose no health insurance and I sure am happy that I am not depending on those freakin' bozos that run the government for help of any kind.

It's a damn shame that these bozos that somehow got elected get paid with taxpayer money...taxes that unemployed people have to pay anyway in the form of sales taxes and property taxes at the top and then all the other stupid taxes that eat away at our incomes on the way down.

Yeah so much for bout exempting unemployed people from property taxes and state income taxes? Maybe then there would NOT be enough money to pay for the ignorance in the legislature.

Peregrin said...

If Republicans really wanted to balance the budget they wouldn't have borrowed a trillion dollars from China to give to the super-rich.

Anonymous said...

If being unemployed is so great and easy why aren't they running to be unemployed. People want to work. Jobs are hard to come by and some give up. I don't blame them stuff is bad. I am sick of these people with jobs being on their high horses and judging! AND working hard to keep people down. Putting their feet on their necks. These are the same "christians" who want to pretend that they believe. If you do not help someone when they are down, you are not a Christian.

Anonymous said...

I heard there was this new thing where they are not giving people jobs because of their credit scores.
Is this really true? This is beyond insane! People, it is time we all create our own jobs this folks in government and corporations have lost their minds.

Anonymous said...

How can the unemployed get work when for every job, there are over 400 applicants? And as another poster said, how can one get a job when employers don't want to hire the unemployed? How can the unemployed get jobs when there is virtually no industry in the U.S. due to companies going overseas?

Yeah, sure. Chalk it up to laziness. That's just an excuse to avoid correcting the REAL problems.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Oh my God, they sound as fucking stupid as they are.

Anonymous said...

I think that Senator Lembke is the biggest horse's ass in the state. The area he represents Lemay is one of the poorest in the county with an 18% unemployment rate. He is so stupid that this smooth move of his will probably get him UN-elected and hopefully will get Obama RE-elected. He is too stupid to even realize this. Unemployment was suppose to be extended until Jan 2012 in exchange for those Bush tax credits getting extended. So since Senator Horse's Ass doesn't want the UE I am sure he wouldn't mind telling the wealthy of MO they don't get those tax credits either. I can't even stand looking at photos of him. He has this arrogant smug look about him always.

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