Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Training Fail of the week…

A bitch is starting a new feature – Home Training Fail of the week!

It may need to be expanded to Home Training Fail of the day…and, given the current fubarity surrounding health care reform, it could even go hourly…but we’ll kick it off with the home training fail of the week and see how things go from there.

I’ll get shit started with the Lou Dobbs.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Yep, Dobbs is a living a home training fail...shit, a bitch suspects he’s got HTF altered DNA.

It seems that Mr. Dobbs has decided to "be a leader" in a "national conversation" about immigration, jobs, health care, climate change and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -- as well as "our now-weakened capitalist economy."



Oh, the gods are feeling generous… ‘tis like Festivus just broke out all over the place!

Lou Dobbs getting his Mr. Independent on in 2010 is more than just mana from political blog heaven (can you say guaranteed content, chil’ren?)…but it’ll also provide the masses with a constant loud ass hell and visual as a motherfucker reminder of what The Man really means when they use code language like “traditional Americans” and “traditional family values.”


And if Dobbs lands at FOX…even better.

This bitch would buy tickets to a Beck v. Dobbs cage fight…

…and I know my ass isn’t alone there (wink).

Anyone else have a home training fail you’d like to add to the list?


ch555x said...

"Prejean" comes to mind. I'm neutral in all the fallout with regards to her pageant comments, but the sex tape after preaching morals is some FAIL material...

AOB said...

My HTF that comes to mind is that stupid congressman from Texas ..Sessions.

Love the HTF idea. Glad I am not drinking coffee this time. (Spitting coffee on the keyboard is not a good thing....)

Like Prejean as well.

Unknown said...

Sen Tom the Tool Coburn should be on the list. His single handed hold up of the caregivers VA bill is beyond disgusting. He had NO problem however voting for war funding bills that had NO way to fund the wars..interesting no?

I can not believe that his constituents in OK want this bag of crap to represent them. If they do...they get what they deserve. But the rest of us have no use for this man.

Anonymous said...

You aren't just any "angryblackbitch" are THE bitch.

Home training fail...where does a faggot begin?

1. The democrats in the House of Representatives who caved in to adding the clothes hanger amendment to the health care "reform" bill-except Kucinich who voted against the bill.

2. Sean Hannity for playing footage from an old (and well-attended) teabagger protest to make it look like the small group of crackers who turned up to a recent teabagger event was actually a huge crowd (story at HuffPo )

3. The Palin family. No need for elaboration.

But Lou Dobbs is the leader of the pack. I'm already saving up old newspapers cuz he's gonna be lifting his leg on anything-and anyone- that is vertical once he gets to Fox.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

"This bitch would buy tickets to a Beck v. Dobbs cage fight…"

No shit. I'll have my popcorn ready the evening those two loonies from the attic are seen at the same time.

Hammer said...

Really, if we're talking "home training failures," I won't defer to political disagreements, I'll just mention the rudest most vile home-training lacking idiot on the planet. . .

Ann Coulter

She not only has fucked up politics, she's a down-right disrespectful cunt. And, she thinks that shit is CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised that your site is not covering the missing black child SHANIYA DAVIS. I don't see anything mentioned about her on this site. Here is a link:

And Shaniy's mother - big time FAIL!

Shark-Fu said...

I'm only one woman, Anonymous.

So many little time!

Thanks for pointing out that fail and for the link!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get your take on the all black audience that graced the Glenn Beck show last week.

Shark-Fu said...

Uninsured people supporting rich mega-insured politicians for fear of socialism, women who dig Phyllis Schlafly and black people willing to attend a Glenn Beck Show taping are beyond explanation.

I suspect they’re right up there with the legendary chupacabra on the list of as yet unexplained shit.

But their attendance doesn’t prove a damn thing other than the fact that ALL people are capable of acting against logic, good taste and their own best interest.

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