Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Post-election exploration…


I mean, daaaaaaaamn.

Shall we?

Virginia did what Virginia was expected to do and elected a Republican as their new Governor.

He’s photogenic in a Buchanan-esque traditional American kind of way …and he speaks so well!


But I don’t want to hear any bitching from those who voted for him when he starts embracing his inner Buchanan on y’all…you get what you vote for.

New Jersey handed Gov. Corzine his walking papers.


That one’s gotta sting...particularly with a third party candidate factoring into it all.

And the same shit applies…the people get what we vote for.


Well, actually…the people get what the majority of the people vote for.

Pause again…consider some more…continue.

Umm, okay…so, the people get what the majority of the people who turn up to vote on Election Day cast their vote for.


Fuck it.

As much as this bitch loathes to see those darn elephants get their celebration on, I must confess that last night’s election results were worth suffering through just to see the pundits try to make the upstate New York Democratic House victory (and wasn’t that one a slight shocker!)...and the favorable toward Obama exit poll results...reconcile with their predictions of the referendum to end all referendums.

Gawd, it should be a MasterCard commercial!

Winning the New Jersey Governor’s race?

Too much money to mention without flinching.

Winning the Virginia Governor’s race?

Also a shit load of money ad not even close to being the political victory equivalent of the Miracle on Ice.

Losing a seat that’s been held by a Republican since the 1800’s (is that right? Mercy!) because your Head Rogue in Charge didn’t think the Republican candidate was Republican enough so she decided to use that race to publicly declare to the GOP 'You ain't the boss of me!!!'?

Now that’s just priceless.


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