Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A fluff of the Afro to the Riverfront Times!

UpdateMr. Greenbaum hath responded to the criticisms!

***crickets get their drum roll on***

Survey says?


Congrats to Kurt and for setting a new low in the Don’t Get It, Not Trying to Get It and Not Ashamed to Post That I Don’t Get It category of online word-based expression.

Y’all must be proud as a motherfucker!


Original post...

A bitch is sure I've mentioned the epidemic of ig’nant racist comments that are allowed to take of residence beneath the articles on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website.

The site is so well known around town for allowing racist comments that people will send links to articles and either add an apology for the comments or warn folks against even bothering to read them.

Out-of-state folks should know that other Missouri papers have somehow figured out how to balance angry as hell comments with the need to avoid a virtual Klan rally up in the comment section…but has indulged in a massive online comment moderation fail for forever and a day.

For so long, as a matter of fact, that a bitch was wondering if they had to let their online comment editor person go.

Enter the Riverfront Times and this article…which not only outs the fact that still has an online editor (a certain Kurt Greenbaum)…but that his ass is capable of being offended by a comment.

Pause…allow sound of shocked gasps and exclamations to calm down..continue.

Mmmhmm, just not those racist comments that populate article after article upon commentary upon article-esque speculation dressed up as journalism (What? Shit we are talking about the Post!).

The RFT’s Chad Garrison uncovered the fact that Greenbaum was so offended by a comment containing a crude reference to a woman’s…well, my people call it a vagina…that he researched the comment, found out that it led to the comment maker’s employer and contacted that employer who then confronted the employee-based comment maker...who resigned on the spot!

Lawd, have mercy!

Look at that...would you look at that?!?


That kind of dedicated payback for a comment-based offense made this bitch wonder why Mr. Greenbaum can’t seem to rustle up even half of that dudgeon when folks leave comments like those referenced here in another RFT article.

***cue crickets***

This latest online fail, coupled with the recent commentary fail by the Washington Times newspaper, has taken me closer to proving that overt racists are a highly desired audience for print media for reasons that escape me 'cause I don't speak stupid.

And 'tis shit like this that makes it kind of hard to feel sorry for the slow revenue-based starvation death many a newspaper is currently experiencing.


Anyhoo, a fluff of the Afro to the RFT!


Jaelithe said...

As you know this is a pet cause of mine. As a St. Louisan I am continually ashamed for my community at the dreck that is allowed to stand as reasonable commentary over at the Post.

I've had a lot of conversations with Kurt about this, but we never can seem to see eye to eye.

I'll have to read the RFT piece. Thanks for the link!

Shark-Fu said...

Jaelithe...I thought of you when I posted it. Let me know what you think!

David said...

Join us in protest of STLtoday@

Unknown said...

I'll apologize in advance, as I don't live in St. Louis, or even in the US -- and so perhaps I'm missing a piece of the picture -- but I read the comments sited in the article ( and to me they sounded more classist than racist. (But in any event, I can agree that they were meanspirited.)

Shark-Fu said...

No need to apologize. Class and race are deeply connected in America and that is beyond the reality here in St. Louis. I won't do that discussion justice in the comment section...mayhap a post is in order!

D. said...

From the response of Mr. Greenbaum, one deduces that he doesn't find enough vulgarity in racism.

AOB said...

There is a lot to be disturbed about here. Privacy for one. Clearly Greenbaum violated the papers' privacy statement. Readers in the STL area seem to agree that he needs to be fired and that the newspaper could face a huge lawsuit just by violating the statement covering collection of IP addresses. If there was a problem he should have 'moderated' the comment.

Shark-Fu said...

I agree. I think this points to the need for moderation and for those of us who moderate to reject, delete or ban. Greenbaum crossed a line...and I, for one, am amazed he was inspired to cross it over this when he can't even be bothered to delete some of the rancid racists comments that linger on that website like a stank fart in the humid room.

AOB said...

..and the chil'ren said "AMEN"

Unknown said...

My newspaper in southeast Texas has the exact same issue. A couple of years ago, I tried to comment neutrally and was verbally attacked. I reported it to the editor, but nothing was ever done. Also, there is a blog (run by the newspaper editor) that also has sexist, racist posts and comments. It absolutely infuriates me, but I don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

David said...

J - I've thought about the same problem and put together some ideas. What do you think? -

Unknown said...

Dave, I read your ideas and I like them.

I wonder if boycotts of advertisers on could be organized to encourage Mr. Greenbaum to ensure that the comment feature isn't used to promote divisiveness and hate. Perhaps write to some of the advertisers and let them know that boycotts are being put together and why. Newspapers tend to listen to their display advertisers. And no doubt, the site would be improved by getting rid of such ignorant comments.

Anonymous said...

Thank You! As an African-America native St. Louisian, I am constantly appalled by the racist comments posted on I thought I was alone. Based on the comments and the vitriol released on that site, I get the feeling racism is out of control is the Lou. After reading them, I wonder what whites really think of us. It makes me ashamed for blacks and for whites. St. Louis is reflecting as ignorant and narrow minded to the rest of the world. Blacks do have problems (which race doesn't), but the venom targeted at us since Obama was elected is ridiculous. Some of these white folks have gone crazy! Finally it is being called as it is. Thank you!

David said...

Check out the comments on page (2) here:\news\stories.nsf&docid=01D120FEFDC99584862576770009CD36#tp_newCommentAnchor

Looks like some of the commenters may be a bit upset at me for "exposing" them. (Note that they haven't been exposed, because they are not using real names!) I hope they sue my white ass!

I wrote this:

"@bonjour-adieu et al.

Our mission at is to raise the level of civil discourse through greater accountability to build bridges of understanding in our community.

No names are attached to any of the comments we share on our, "Hall of Shame." Would any of you care to shed your anonymous veils and lay claim to your racist, divisive drivel and sue us? I welcome it! Imagine the press that would receive... Besides, many comments aren't tied to accounts and are truly anonymous -- no one can claim ownership of them.

Please read this article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) -

"If a reader comments on my blog, does she license the rights to me? When a person enters comments on a blog for the purpose of public display, he is probably giving an implied license at least for that display and the incidental copying that goes along with it."

STLtomorrow is only performing some "incidental" copying for the public good.


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