Monday, November 02, 2009

Pondering the shit to ponder…

A bitch ate way too much candy over the weekend and there's still several bags left over. I’ve been trying to convince myself that the Saturday morning canvass I participated in for the fantabulous Stacey Newman burned off so many calories that the massive amounts of yumminess I consumed later that same day didn’t stick.


Fuck it, Halloween only comes once a year!

Shall we?

This bitch doesn’t watch FOX. Longtime readers know that I have high blood pressure and have had to give up a lot of shit…like Sudafed, salt and watching unhinged televised rancidity dressed up to look like the news.

And Gawd, I do miss my Sudafed.


So, no…this bitch didn’t see Rush Limbaugh call the President of the United States a man-child on FOX.

I honestly think I should be given a pass on having to ever “witness” that shit.


A bitch lives in Missouri where freakishly successful and disturbingly affluent ig’nant as hell college drop outs who are thrice divorced and had an affair with illegal drugs that they were able to coast on ‘cause they were lucky enough to qualify for the rarified joy of the justice system as experienced by rich straight white men…cough…are a regular, if small, crop.

Must have something to do with the bullshit rich soil.

I personally think Limbaugh’s tendency to attack President Obama’s “manliness” is amusing as hell and speaks more to Limbaugh’s feelings of…umm, let’s call it inadequacy…than anything else.

But hey, hats off to David Axelrod for his “We'll let Mr. Limbaugh foment," response!

I just love it when Axelrod uses vocab words guaranteed to send Limbaugh’s minions on a Google search.



So, Limbaugh is a distraction from the real shit to watch…and damn if the press doesn’t take his bait every fucking time he drops a line in the water. He says something Gawd awful and everyone gets all excited and then liberals get all offended and the masses end up looking at the manufactured frenzy in the middle of the room while some real shit is going on in the corner.

“Well, what should we be looking at instead of Limbaugh’s conservative grin and shuffle routine?”

I’m so glad you asked (wink).

Tomorrow is Election Day and a bitch feels that all eyes should turn to Virginia, upstate New York and New Jersey.

Virginia is for lovers and politics…
It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, but the Governor’s race in Virginia is looking like a tough one for Democrats. There’s a lot of shit that went into arriving at this tough spot, but the press will focus on Obama, repeat the word referendum like it’s going out of style and generally lose sight of the fact that there are limits to the power of those Presidential coattails.

Shark-Fu’s advice – take a long hard look at the horse before you get mad ‘cause someone couldn’t sell it.

Imagine all the people, living for today…
Upstate New York has developed into an absolute joy of a GOP clusterfuck with Sarah Palin, a dash of Sanctified-Santorum and Governor Pawlenty…oh my!

Palin and the GOP have engaged in a proxy war, complete with bullshit treaties and crumbling alliances and backstabbing double crosses. A bitch has no fucking idea who will win the historically Republican and now vacant 23rd district House seat. What I do know is that moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the Democrat after Palin’s proxy started gaining from the power of all that Palinification and now the GOP is scrambling to spin the race as a freak accident rather than the first battle of the war over the heart and soul of the party.

Shark-Fu’s take - this bitch hopes someone makes a series out of that shit, because it is the very definition of drama!

Finally, we have New Jersey and a probable win for Governor Corzine…after having spent enough money to feed the world's hungry for a decade (wince).

A bitch’s prediction – victory has many fathers, but political defeat is the result of human cloning.



AOB said...

If FOX was really fair and balanced, I know an ABB that would have a political commentary show on FOX. Wouldn't that drive the fundy wacko minions crazy???

Again, I am in total laughter and pain. You always manage to call the shit out just like it really is. Fabulous post!

Marie Simas said...

Rush is a worthless piece of shit, and just listening to 5 minutes of FOX gives me diarrhea.

But I pray every day that Sarah Palin gets the GOP nomination.


If that hillbilly white trash runs for President and makes it as far as the Primaries, I’m switching over to the Republican ticket just so I can vote for that dumb bitch and pit her against Obama. Oh, GOD that's what dreams are made of!

Jonah aline daniel said...

In my spiritual community, we can't curse this year. Some of us have been trying to come up with alternatives, and one day someone philosophically said something about the use of body parts as curse words, and that things that are used as curse words should actually be *BAD* things, like Fox News.

So now we say "What the Fox News were you thinking?" or "What the Fox News did you just do?"

Feel free to use & more importantly to spread. Fox News IS a curse word, let's just make it a useful one.

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