Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What the fuck?

Missouri’s Attorney General (and Democratic candidate for Governor) Jay Nixon filed a brief today with the California Supreme Court, asking it to hold off on enforcing its ruling legalizing same-sex marriages. The appeal has already been denied, but daaaamn.

“As attorney general, Jay Nixon supported the Missouri constitutional amendment to define marriage as being between a man and a woman, and has consistently fought to protect traditional marriage.” Nixon spokesman Scott Holste said in a statement as reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Not one statement all year from the Nixon camp on LGBT issues and they lead off with this?

He has consistently fought to protect traditional marriage?


A bitch lives here - “traditional marriage” was never under attack from anyone other than people married traditionally and it has been constitutionally "protected" since 2004. So why the hell are Missouri traditional marriages still dropping like mosquitoes after a good spray?

What the fuck?

Nixon is AG, right... so why hasn’t he called for a moratorium on divorce so that Missourians worthy of rights can marinate in that 2004 constitutional amendment a bit and absorb the reinforced and so very protected power of their blah, blah and fucking blah.

Fuck that shit.

I see flies swirling 'round this panderific move, so there must be bullshit.

And this is the same candidate for Governor who is quoted on e-mails blasted out today to Missouri Democrats stating that we need to “make sure Missouri elects Democrats across the board this November.”


Pause…sip water…continue.

How about having the Missouri Democratic Party work on clarifying the definition of a Missouri Democrat for all of us?

You know, so Missourians can decide whether they want to vote for someone who is asking for the support of all but promising to only represent the interests and protect the rights of some.



ChristopherM said...

Until I see a constitutional amendment from these bastards banning reality television-based marriage, I'm not going to believe a word they say about protecting the sanctity of shit.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea that gay marriage some how hurts "traditional" marriage really burns my ass. Seems to me that there are plenty of man/woman couples out there who have no problem getting married for a week and then calling it quits before moving on to someone else. How exactly do homosexual relationships impact this? Not one fucking bit!

And I couldn't agree more with the previous poster about the reality tv based marriages. lmao. Thanks. That gave me quite the chuckle.

mikeinportc said...

“make sure Missouri elects Democrats across the board this November.” (As I asked Harry Reid,on another subject..) Why? If they're going to carry out the GOP agenda, out of fear of what might happen if they don't, what's the point ? Why should we care who's in office, if it makes no difference?

If two guys in Bakersfield, or Boston, or down the road, want to make it official, wtf concrete (not-in-my-head) difference does it make in my life ? About the only effect I can think of, was (one recently deceased, other moved) the occasional chuckle induced by the almost-neighbors' over-the-top, gnome-laden landscaping. As they were across from the cemetary, I don't think the neighbors would've cared . :)

Anonymous said...

Adding to the previous posts. In conclusion, it's not going to stop people from being heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual,try-sexual or any other kind of sexual you can think of. Adult's are going to do what they want to do whether it's against the mans' law or divine law.

woodsba said...

Nixon sent his brief to California within hours of being called out by Republican candidate for Governor Kenny Hulshof who pointed out that Nixon had not joined the 10 Republican state AGs in doing just that.

According to sources Nixon had his spine removed some time ago but no one had noticed till now.

Makes one wonder if Nixon has any leadership abilities and what else he will buckle under to.

Anonymous said...

What does the MO AG have to do with the CA Supremes, again? It can't just be political posturing, can it? Nobody's THAT sleazy, are they?

Jeffrey Ricker said...

The simile "dropping like mosquitoes after a good spray" is currently making my day. I can think of a load of other things that I wish would drop thusly....

Bette said...

And he's the *Democrat*? Oh my.

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