Friday, June 20, 2008

A flood-based thank you…

A bitch would like to thank everyone who has contacted me to offer support and because you are concerned about my river city located ass.

Ya’ll are too sweet!

The Bitch Squad is not currently in the path but thousands of my fellow Missourians are facing dangerous days ahead. Please check out the information listed on this website (the right hand side of the page) regarding how to help, what’s needed and ways to volunteer.

And please spare a prayer or thought for those who have lost their homes, farms and lives to this disaster.


Anonymous said...

Beagles can swim, right?

Unknown said...

I am heartsick over this flooding. I am however glad you are still above the highwater mark Shark Fu.

Hopefully you will remain that way. I have family in Springfield MO and they told me not to worry they aren't anywhere near the flood areas.

Shark-Fu said...

I think Betsey is the only dawg in the house that could swim. Theo has those back leg issues and Sweetie the Chow lost one front leg to the war.

Dawg life jackets.


mikeinportc said...

My sympathies to you & yours. ( in the very largest sense) In '06 we had two of those ( once in 500yr-type) in 3 months. It disrupts everything , and ~ everyone, not just those directly flooded . Some will never recover . ( Thanks in part to InsCo lobbying $, and FUBARED flood insurance rules #$%&**%#@!)

Here's hoping for dry sorta-beagles, and land-only Shark-Fu s. :)

Unknown said...

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