Monday, June 02, 2008

Ask a Working Woman survey...

A bitch is always fascinated by news reports about survey results stating that such a percent of women think that such a thing is more important than another thing. I’m always left wondering why the hell I didn’t find out about this massive survey of women until it was over and the results were in!

You know what I mean?

Well, now there is an opportunity for working women to voice our opinion on all manner of things!

The Ask A Working Woman Survey is co-sponsored by America's leading labor-rights organization, the AFL-CIO, and its community partner, Working America. This is an opportunity for working women in America to tell decision-makers what it's like to be a working woman in America in this election year.

The survey is open to all and can be taken online at Opinions will be collected through June 20, 2008 and the findings will be announced to decision makers and released in nationwide media in order to highlight and help improve the status of the working mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and nieces in all of our American families.



Unknown said...

Thanks for the survey link - I just took it and left a comment!

Anonymous said...

Great survey! I hope it makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

I tried to take this survey, but I didn't like the questions, even on the first page. It's definitely geared toward working MOTHERS, not working WOMEN. For example, it asked how much time you spend "talking" to various people, like spouse, children, boss, co-worker. I don't have children, so if they average my amount of time talking to my "children" with everyone else's that DO have children, then it will bring the average down inappropriately. Also, it didn't include OTHER relatives besides parent, child, and spouse. What about grandparents? Siblings? In-laws? Also, what constitutes "talking"? I can imagine underestimating time spent talking to my spouse, because of it not being dedicated, sit-down-and-talk time, but overestimating time spent talking to my boss or co-workers, because of knowing full well that I spend 40 hours at work every week, even though very little of that is spent actually TALKING.

In the section on "what do you do if you have to take care of a sick relative?", you can only make ONE choice. But, I have done several of these - worked alternate hours in some cases, taken time off in others. Why do I have to pick just one?

Net net, I wanted to take the survey but didn't think it was a well-crafted one, so I just stopped. I hope they will re-do it at some point.

Shark-Fu said...

catnmus... thanks for the feedback! I'll let them know.

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