Friday, June 06, 2008

A quick venting…

This bitch hasn’t venting here in a long time but my ass is in need of a complete release of mental garbage and stress based trash.


Why the fuck do people insist on taxing my motherfucking Afro-based wig even after I have made it beyond clear that I will not tolerate trifling as hell passive aggressive bullshit?


Do they think a bitch is joking?

Do they fear telling me what they feel and thus find comfort by just ignoring the hell out of reasonable requests?

Are they out of their motherfucking minds!?!?

Lawd, give me strength.

I don’t get it.

When I don’t want to do something I tell someone I don’t want to do it and why. It’s simple…right?

Yet a bitch has been bombarded to the point of overflow with dodging, dancing, avoiding people who are basically telling me to go fuck myself in a peevish diluted and pseudo non-confrontational way.


So I’m left having to confront...which makes me out to be difficult when in reality they are being...oh fuck a duck twice on Thursday, now my Afro hurts!

Gawd, spare me from those who do not speak their mind…

…because I sure as shit am not going to spare the foolish when I speak what's on mine.


Jeffrey Ricker said...

Take no prisoners!

Maryscott OConnor said...

Would a bitch do me a favour and read my last essay?

Yes, it's because you're black.

delux said...

Wait let me get my popcorn an' red flavor koolaid!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Shark-Fu, tell us how you REALLY feel...

NancyP, who considers that you have outdone Rude Pundit today ;)

Assrot said...

And that's exactly why I have come to like you and this blog so fast. You say exactly what you think and don't give a damn.

I'm the same way babe. I call it exactly like I see it. If folks don't like it they can move the fuck on down the road right?

Have a good weekend sugar.


Anonymous said...

Just what the f... are u gettn so upsett about, B...?

Shark-Fu said...


I wish it were just one thing but one thing wouldn't have required a vent.

Alas, this is about a week full of the same drama from various areas...

mikeinportc said...

Peace to you S-f. Throwing rocks (virtually in this case ), usually feels good . :)

ladyjessiboo said...

I have the biggest girlcrush on you right now, really.
Feels so damn good not to feel like the only babe who growls and bites at passive aggressive weaselyness and such.


Hey there....

Allow me to um...mention my blog...there is s "prayer request" page...and um....anyone can click on there and make a request! (smiles)





wynsters the tigress said...

i envy you. it takes a certain level of audacity to just say exactly what you're thinking.

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