Monday, June 09, 2008

Pondering the upside…

A bitch is beyond thrilled that this is a new week because last week was fubar!

Who would have thought Monday could look good?

Anyhoo, I must confess…since I don’t want to pull a Cindy McCain…that I do not have an original fried chicken recipe. I adore cooking but hate frying in my house (too stinky) so I usually go out and get chicken. But I’ll see if I can put my hands on my favorite recipe for when I do feel like frying and I’ll get it to all y’all!

Now, a bitch has some shit to say so shall we?

Pondering the upside of this shit...
A bitch was in a political training when Senator Clinton delivered her concession/endorsement speech. I caught it on re-runs but my ass was much more fascinated by the response of the speculation machine to the Clinton end-o-the-road speech.

Now, I know that it is a lot of fun to stir that shit pot over disgruntled supporters and who wont vote for who and why…but really, is now the time to guess who is going to do what come November?

Y'all didn't learn anything about that speculation bullshit covering Iowa...or through the Great Republican Letdowns of 2007-2008 (Giuliani & Thompson)?

Lawd, have mercy.

If a Clinton supporter votes for Senator McCain given his stance on the war, lack of support for reproductive justice, hostile attitude toward reproductive choice, aggressive defense of the disaster that is Scooter B.’s diplomacy and disturbing lack of clarity on all things economics despite over 20 years in the Senate not to mention his adoration of tax cuts for the wealthy…well, then they may not have been supporting the right candidate in the first place.


I suspect that people's feelings will evolve as the general election moves forward.

Having said that, a bitch does feel that there is an upside to the drama of the Democratic primary season.

Oh, I know I bitched about it going on forever…and Lawd, it did go on and on and on and on…cough…but, despite high tempers on both the Obama and Clinton side there is also an increased interest in politics.

People are debating the issues...they are discussing choice, taxes and education…young people are jumping up into debates over the war, the price of fuel and the high cost of everything.
It may look like the mother of all street brawls fixing to erupt, but a bitch suspects that the masses are chomping at the bit after years of pre-packaged Soylent Green and 'loyalty oath required for admittance' town hall Kool-Aid drinking festivals.

This process has moved us beyond the school of tolerance into the real…exposed some of the nastified social shit that’s been swept under our family room sofa for far too long…and given voice to millions who never connected politics to their day to day lives.

If that's not an upside worth some tension and drama, I don't know what is...


Anonymous said...

I've been reading this site for a while and its absolutely wonderful. Stop by mine! I just started it today!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. That is a serious upside. The simple fact that people are starting to lose some of their previous apathy makes the whole primary season worth it.

jsb16 said...

Yeah, that.

And, as several someones have said, when your primary candidate loses, there's some grieving that has to be done, before you can go on and support the nominee. Asking people to jump bandwagons instantaneously is a wee bit demanding.

As for people planning on voting for McCain because Obama was nominated, well, I know one of those, and he needs his head examined. Hopefully the rest of the country isn't as batshit insane as this guy is.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey Shark-Fu, I've been dying to read your thoughts on events of the past week and you didn't disappoint. Welcome back!

I too was thinking how election has stimulated the masses in discussing issues that matter. Change finally has a chance, and even young adults and teens have jumped into the conversation.

You might want to read my social analysis titled I'm Voting White, written after wandering over to enemy territory (FoxNews, Greta the Hun comments). I was appalled that a number of viewers wrote this amazingly racist shit yet Fox didn't delete it. I loved your unique take on this subject too.

~ Kit

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